Facing iTunes error 53 on iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? Here are 6 ways to fix error 53 from iTunes. iTunes to date remains one of the great media players ever invented. The program is simple and easy to understand. With it, you can download and listen to music on your device seamlessly.
error 53 iphone 6

That said, it is not free of errors, and one major problems faced by iTunes users is the “error 53” which can appear while the program is running or during the iPhone restoring / updating process.

How to Fix iTunes Error 53

The message that you see when this error appears is the following:

  • “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (53).”

As visible in the following thread, the user was trying to update his iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 8 or iOS 9, when the error 53 appeared in iTunes. In a few cases, when the iPhone is being updated and the iTunes error 53 appears, the device may become bricked.

itunes error 53 iphone 6

To avoid this from happening, here are 6 things you can do to get rid of this error.

#1: Wipe the registry clean

This is a possible solution to Fix iTunes Error 53 on iPhone 6 or 6S. The registry can be cleaned and this is a pretty useful action to take every time you install or install some programs. It also helps in speeding up your PC. It is a simple endeavor and pretty beneficial. You can do it with Clean Registry on Mac or Clean Registry on Windows. After that, just restart your PC and try to restore your device again.

#2: Wipe clean junk files

There are ample cache and log files accumulated by each operating system after some time. If you don’t periodically clean out this junk, your iTunes software can become extremely slow or display the “Unknown error 53” message, which may be due to an overburdened hard drive or file conflicts. As a result, you need to clean junk files on Mac or clean junk files on Windows. Then you need to relaunch iTunes and try to restore the device (You should now fix the error 53).

#3: Do Windows updates

Microsoft works hard to improve system files that could be resulting in the 53 error. Update your Windows version with the latest service pack and other releases, which can remove system errors and improve performance. You can do this by clicking the Start button, typing “update” in the search box and pressing Enter. After that, choose “Install Updates” from the update box.

#4: Do PC drivers updates

Outdated or damaged device drivers can also be the cause of iTunes error 53. The drivers can stop working altogether for several reasons. Therefore, you need to update the device drivers to fix iTunes error 53 issue.

  • Mac users can choose iTunes from the iTunes Menu and look for Updates.
  • Windows users can choose Help from the menu bar and check for Updates.

#5: Reinstall iTunes

On your PC you can reinstall iTunes with easy. Just go to Add or Remove Programs -> Uninstall iTunes. Now download the latest iTunes version and install it again. Restart your PC and try again. This may help you to fix error 53 from iTunes.

#6: Restore your iPhone with the Original Touch ID button

Did you replaced the display or the touch id button on your iPhone? The touch id is directly connected with the motherboard and if you replace the Touch ID button you will get a error 53 when you try to restore your device via iTunes. How to fix error 53 now? Just use the old (original) touch id button and try to restore your device.

Update: Extra tip to fix iTunes error 53 iPhone 6 / 6S

The possible problem for Unknown Error 53 is the incorrect screw placement in the screen replacement process. There are totally four screws that hold the touchscreen connectors and the LCD. If you place the longest screw in a wrong hole, it can damage one of the layers of the mother board. There’s no way to fix it. You can visit Apple Retail Store to replace it under warranty.

Other way to fix iTunes error 53 is to change the IC from your old home touch ID button. You need to remove it from the old (original) touch id and put it to the new home button. You need to have some tech skills to do that.

Important Update (Feb 18, 2016)

Apple has released a modified iOS version – iOS 9.2.1 to fix iTunes error 53. To Fix the error, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you have installed the latest iTunes.
  • Connect your iPhone to your Computer (Win Or Mac).
  • Open iTunes and try to restore it again.
  • If the error 53 appear again after you restore your device, please contact Apple Support.

By following these steps, you can fix error 53 iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S and enjoy your device again.

  • Dannielle

    What if I can’t get the old original home button ?

  • UnlockBoot

    Try to repair it (change the flex cable or etc).

  • Oliver White

    just wondering, as I’ve read a lot of issues about bricks, I don’t want to get a one myself.

    Though, I’ve broken a screen, and touch ID is not working right now (error, could not be set).

    Nothing has been changed, everything is original. Can I still update to latest iOS? Or will I get a brick? 🙂

  • UnlockBoot

    If you didn’t replaced the button you will not get a brick.

  • Katty OunYa

    Where could I buy original home botton or flat cable to replace my old original home botton ? Thank in advance

  • Mario

    I didnt replace the button and I got a brick, my flex cable might be broken tho. Cheers!

  • Muhammad Mustafa

    i can’t get the original home button because i’m very far from the countries which they have original home-button what shall i do? please, if you tell me away to fix my i phone i will be very great full.

  • Robert Rausch

    Highly recommend not wasting your time trying to fix Error 53. It’s due to an undefined hardware failure that could involve any component in your phone – hence the dearth of documentation. If it’s under warranty, take it to the Apple Store and they’ll replace it. If it’s not under warranty, it’s time to move on the next model…

  • PhilT

    u cant buy an original cable so the amazon one may not work

  • PhilT

    U cant buy an original button anywhere. Apple dont sell parts

  • Arthur Sparknottle

    test – Interesting that my non-expletive post critical of Apple policy has been held for moderation. Just checked the wording. No bad language or objectionable material.

  • Badtux

    Yes. The next model from Samsung.

  • Martin Dimcevski

    The button doesn’t need to be replaced to get a brick.. It just needs to be damaged/not working. So – if your iPhone’s Touch ID fails to work in any way, DON’T RESTORE…

  • Martin Dimcevski

    Error 53 is not an undefined hardware failure, but a Touch ID related problem. Could be damaged Touch ID flex, damaged Touch ID, or something RELATED with the Touch ID button. Every iPhone is tied with its Touch ID (Apple says that it’s for security reasons, blah blah). The phone needs it’s original Touch ID button that it was shipped with to be able to restore successfully and without errors, otherwise you’re pretty scre*ed. If your
    Touch ID/Home button fails to work, or has already failed and is
    replaced, DO NOT try to restore/update via iTunes, or you’ll end with a
    pretty expensive brick…

  • Martin Dimcevski

    If the flex cable connecting the home button/Touch ID with the motherboard is not damaged (replacing it doesn’t solve your problem) you’re pretty much stuck/out of luck… 🙁

  • Martin Dimcevski

    It’s not about where you get the button from… The phone needs it’s ORIGINAL button that was shipped with, otherwise touch ID will not work, and restore will just fail…

  • mickrussom

    Consider small claims or a class action if a fair resolution is not reached. Car dealers used to void warranties if one didn’t get expensive oil changes at the dealership. The law is The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (P.L. 93-637)(15 U.S.C. § 2301 et seq.) 1975. This is likely not a fair practice. There are cases where users could be legally operating a device in a sanctioned manner and they are not able to reach an authorized repair center. Because communications are fundamental and even possible safety issues by preventing repairs this could lead to dangerous situations. Car dealers at least have the courtesy of offering for sale official original OEM parts so that skilled repairs can be done with OEM parts. Part of the solution here would be requiring manufacturers to offer repair parts for sale in addition to banning intentional disablement of devices deemed out of specifications.

  • Jose Perez

    How do you change the IC of the original button to a new button is there a guide some where ?

  • Daniel

    What a useless article! If you replaced the home button just restore your phone with its original button…! Joking? If you replaced the home button it’s become it was it damaged or stopped working. Either way it’s unusable… Seriously!

  • sibghat

    where are u ketty ounya

  • UnlockBoot

    Did you read the update?