Kodi is a real open source application which lets everyone to use it exactly according to the demands. To use this, there are many wizards that have been introduced in the market in 2019. These wizards are amazing to work with as these provide complete easiness and convenient approach to use this Kodi interface and all of its functions. So, the only need is to know about a trusted and well-organized wizard to use. For this purpose, we are presenting the details about the best Kodi Wizards which will allow you to use Kodi in a suitable and understandable way.

best kodi wizards

3 Best Kodi Wizards to Use in 2019

Prior you know about the wizards, we want to inform you that you need to hide your IP while using wizards. It is important to hide your privacy when you are installing a wizard on your device. If you don’t do this then all of your activities and browsing details will be traceable.

You need to use any VPN to avoid any unfortunate situation about your private data access during your online browsing for wizards. Although, there is no much difference between hiding and not hiding your address but still we recommend you to hide your IP address and use a professional VPN.

Now when you have known about your security parameters, you can know about the best Kodi wizards in 2019. Have a look at following details.

1. The MERLIN Wizard

The MERLIN Wizard is a great choice and this wizard is enough for you if you want to use everything on Kodi. You need to download The Merlin Wizard and follow simple steps, after that you will be able to utilize its services. This wizard comes with a toolbox to do different tasks including clear cache, view log, debug, a fresh start, and auto clean services on your demand.

best wizards for kodi

This wizard also offers an app store which lets you install apk files of all Android apps. So, never miss this wizard to download and use it for unlimited easy access to fabulous media player Kodi.

2. DUREX Wizard

DUREX Wizard is used to setup the popular Durex Kodi build. This wizard comes with maintenance section and an add-on installer tool. Its easy interface and ready to use components allow the user to understand it in the better way and use it with efficiency.

best kodi wizard

There are many other important features of this wizard which can make your day. You only need to download and install it and everything will be fixed for your Kodi using needs.

3. ARES Wizard

ARES Wizard is another great wizard for Kodi and it allows you to perform different tasks. You can install builds and add-ons to use this in right way. You need to know that Ares is always compatible with your device on which Kodi is installed.

install best kodi wizard

This wizard can work on your PC, Android, Mac, and other systems. You can quickly upload Kodi log file and test your internet speed using this Ares wizard. You are also able to make the full backup of your Kodi and provides necessary options for overall maintenance over time intervals. In short, it is the right one wizard with many attractive features.