Kodi is an app that is growing popular but has been frequently needed some serious maintenance lately, which has resulted in version 17 Krypton finally reaching the milestone that is the release candidate stage. However, the folks at Kodi discovered issues regarding the Android packaging, so it has been bumped up to version RC2 to solve the problem.

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What’s new in Kodi 17 Krypton

The final version of Kodi 7 krypton could be a featured packed unleash with several changes, and plenty of the bugs users had complained regarding are fixed. Nearly each section of the application has been changed in a way, creating it far better.

The list of changes between candidates is spectacular, and that’s with numerous feature changes and bug fixes already having taken place throughout that beta method we have a tendency to spoke regarding earlier. The enhancements aren’t to be sniffed at either, and that we can’t wait to ascertain what final software system is like.

Kodi 17 Comes with Estuary / Estouchy Skin & More Features

kodi 17 krypton download

As skin go, Confluence has done an amazing job and is much loved by users. With Krypton comes two new skins, Estuary and Estouchy, with the later being touch-enabled. During the development of these skins, Kodi developers revisited what it means to be skin and as such have endowed the new ones with new features, such as smart playlists and more. However, you prefer to stick with what you know, the confluence skin is still available at the official Kodi repo.

  • Settings & Configuration: One of the most important annoyances for any Kodi user has been its settings. For a long time, it’s usually been clear what a number of the settings do, and while not sensible help, section users have usually left lost.
  • Improved Video player: Over a year past, the developers that created V12 got along to seem at the video player. Once doing, therefore, it quickly became clear that a root and a branch dissection / replacement of the bulk of its code was needed. This may be no simple effort, considering that this code was essentially old.
  • An additional new feature is input stream add- on, that change native wrote add-ons to manage a part of a video playback selection.
  • PVR/DVR Support: The way Kodi V17 krypton manages PVR add-ons has conjointly received an overhaul, with the flexibility to set up a PVR within the appliance created easier, plus stability and usability problems resolved.
  • Music library: One area of the Kodi application that has been lacking since its origination has been the music library. It hasn’t been able to handle its tasks in an exceeding manner that has been helpful, so the developers have essentially modified it in order that it will do its job.
  • Android Support: Android has matured to the purpose that some older code that was needed to create Kodi compatible isn’t any longer needed intrinsically the developers have stripped that code from Kodi. One such piece of old code was LibstageFright, that was replaced by the MediaCodec from the automaton.

Kodi 17 Krypton Release Candidate Download Links

Kodi 17 Krypton for iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux or Android can be downloaded directly from the official website here: kodi.tv/download

Kodi is out there as a native application for android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows software, running commonest processor architectures. A small overview of the feature was provided to our of us. These release candidate builds are dedicated to achieving any feedback from users who are willing to require the jump towards v17.

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