There are various kinds of fantastic apps to use on your iPhone and iPad. One of such amazing apps, makeup apps have their importance and demand all across the world. These apps can make your photos full of glamour and attractive. These best makeup apps can do magic with your average photos and can provide you with excellent results.

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10 Best Makeup Apps For iPhone and iPad to Try in 2018

That’s why we have arranged the list of the top 10 makeup apps which you can easily install and use on your iPad, iPhone or Android devices. Have a look at following details of the best makeup apps.

1. Facetune 2 – The Original Selfie Editor

It is a great makeup app which provides visual editors Photoshop models to makeup your photos professionally. Using this app does not require any retouching experience, and you can easily retouch and add artistic flair to your photos.

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It does not demand the DSLR images to work on, and you can quickly work on your average photos using different features of Facetune makeup app. The cost of this app is only $3.99.

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2. YouCam Makeup – Magic Selfie Cam

It is a great makeup app which understands your necessities of makeup and glamour, and all of them appreciate the interface and working steps of this app.

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You can quickly makeup your photos and make them beautiful, attractive and enhanced to use on any social media sites. You can share your makeup photos with anyone in the world, and everyone will surely praise your beautiful selfies. It is a free app to use.

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3. Photo Wonder – Beauty Photo Editor&Collage Maker

It is another app in the great list of best makeup apps to use on your iPhone and iPad. It will do magic on your photos and will provide you with amazing and realistic makeup tone. This app has multiple options for you to choose and enhance the lighting and beauty of your images.

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This is a free app, and you can easily download it for your use. You can use the filters, frames, and other helpful options when you are working on your images. No doubt, you will get the best desired results.

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4. Virtual Makeover

It is a fabulous app which allows you to makeup your selfies and all other kinds of images. You can virtually makeup your photos, and no one can judge that you have edited or retouched your images. This app works in a real professional way and provides you with surprising results.

photo makeup app for android

There are different helpful features are available which make the overall makeup process quite easy for you. You can use facial component identification, more than 500 genuine cosmetic product, full informal organization and imparting coordination, and several other useful features. You can download and use this app without any cost.

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5. Perfect365 – Makeup designs and beauty tips

This is a perfect app for you which provides you with a lot of new styles and virtual makeup facilities. You can work on your selfies and can make them beautiful and enhanced.

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You can see and use different cosmetics tools on your images just like original life. As a result, you will get the best images with better quality. Feel free to download and use this app for free.

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6. Hair Color – Live video hair coloration

It is a great makeup app which is different from others. This app can change the color of your hairs in a natural way. Using this app will allow you to get different colors of your hairs in the best realistic way.

free makeup apps for android

This app will do everything itself for you, and you don’t need to learn the procedures of Photoshop. Just choose the right options according to your needs and get the best results which are enough to give real glamour and beauty to your photos. You can download and use this app for free.

You can Download Hair Color from App Store

7. MakeUp App for iPhone and iPad

This is another right app for your facial makeup needs. This app professionally understands the importance of makeup on your images and provide unique features for you.

best makeover app for ios

You can explore and use its wide cosmetics range, shades options, and camera modes. So, never lose the chance and grab this app for free right now.

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8. Magic Eye Color – Face Makeup, Red Eyes Remover & Corrector

It is an amazing app which can make your eyes more beautiful and shining. This app is everything when you want to make your images professional and great looking.

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You are free to use different shades and work on your face to make it more prominent and attractive. This makeup app is also free, and you can get the best results by spending only a few minutes.

You can download Magic Eye Color for iOS from App Store

9. Mary Kay –  Virtual Makeover

It is the best ever virtual makeup app to make you satisfied with your makeup needs. You can customize your different parts of your face to make your look more beautiful and covered with balanced makeup.

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You are also allowed to use the effects, hue saturation and other available options to work on your selfies. It will make your images perfect, bright and beautiful without any cost.

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10. Visage – Perfect photo make app

If you are looking for an excellent makeup app, this is a right choice for you. You can consider this app as a right delight research center which provides you several options to beautify your images.

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You can remove the blemishes and spots from your face and enhance your face in the best natural way. You can also remove the eyebags and set the makeup layout on your eyes. You can do everything in just seconds and using simple buttons. This photo editing app is entirely free of cost.

Download Visage App for iOS

We hope that you liked our list of the best makeup apps for iOS and Android. Don’t forget to like, share and leave your comments in the section below.