It is possible to change weather temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius on your iPhone and iPad. So no need to open Google and convert the degrees. It can easily be done in the iPhone’s Weather app. Also, it doesn’t bound you to a specific Geolocation, so if you’re in the United States of America you can change the temperature to Celsius. Whereas, in Europe you can change weather temperature to Fahrenheit. It is all about your preference. Where I do prefer Celsius as my idle display for temperature.

change weather from fahrenheit to celsius on iphone

How to Change Weather Temperature on iPhone

It is fairly an easy step to change weather temperature display format, you just need to toggle a switch in the Weather app. But, for some users it might be hard to locate and you might have missed the temperature settings completely. Well, don’t worry here is how you can change weather temperature:

Step 1: Launch the Weather app on your iPhone

Step 2: Tap on the three-line button, located at the bottom corner of the screen. Doing so will show the Weather app list view.

change fahrenheit to celsius on iphone

Step 3: Now, scroll down to the very last of the Weather app list view. There you will find the temperature toggle, just tap on your preferred degree. ‘C’ for Celsius and ‘F’ for Fahrenheit.

Step 4: It will then automatically change the degree sign at that moment instantaneously. Now, every temperature location in the Weather app’s list view would have shifted from Fahrenheit degree display to a Celsius degree display.

Now, if you want to change the weather temperature back again from Celsius to Fahrenheit, you can do so by just doing the aforementioned steps again and choose between C and F. However, currently you can only view the temperature as Celsius or Fahrenheit, there is no way to see both of them simultaneously.

change weather temperature on iphone

Furthermore, if you don’t want to change the Weather temperature, and still want to know the other format temperature. You can achieve this task just by asking Siri to convert the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit or the other way around. You might need this if your European friend needs to know the temperature, or in any instances where you need the info for one time.

Other than using Siri to get weather information, there are many different ways to get the information from your iPhone. You can use Spotlight or use the Maps app.

Here’s is another useful tip for the Weather app, you can check weather temperature of different locations in an instant from the Weather list view. Additionally, you also have the option to add a new location just by tapping the plus ‘+’ icon on the bottom of the list. You can add multiple locations, destination, towns, cities or places till your heart desire. This is a great feature for frequent travelers and adventures, so that they know exactly what to pack for the journey and plan ahead.

Let us know in the comments which weather temperature format you prefer? And if you had any trouble in any of the steps feel free to ask and we will come to your aide.