There are plenty of educational apps are available for iPhone and iPad devices which can fulfill your needs of learning. It is important to know that the word ‘education’ is a broad term and different apps offer a different kind of educational courses to learn in an easy way. Fortunately, you can search and select an app according to your needs and install it on your iOS device. So, continue reading this article if you want to know which are the best educational apps for iPhone and iPad.

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Top 10 Educational Apps for iPhone and iPad

Now we are going to cover complete details of the top and well organized educational apps which offer different general and specialized courses for you. In below, you can read about such some great educational apps for iPhone and iPad and can select any one which suits you the best.

1. The Great Courses

The Great Courses is an app which is one of the most used apps for educational purposes. It includes lectures from different professionals in the different fields, and you can get access to your needed lectures easily. Its user interface is very convenient, and you can easily access your subject and all specific lectures in few moments. More specifically it covers a great content for business, math, music, cooking, literature, history and other major subjects which can be of your interest.

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You can watch the lectures online and can also download the speeches which are easy to understand and does not waste your precious time. All lectures are aided with visuals and graphics to convey the core understandings to you in limited time. So, you can give a chance to this app and use its free trial. You can also purchase its different lectures which are on sale on different occasions.

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2. Udacity – Lifelong Learning

Udacity is an educational app which offers you various informative courses at your home or anywhere else. It offers several online educational courses for free. There are various options which can be paid according to the terms of the app. If you need any feedback of any query from professionals of any field, you need to pay the fee which is $200.

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Although this app is usable and suitable for all kind of learners, however its nano degree option with the fee $200 is perfectly ideal for programmers and other technical education students. Using nano degree service, anyone can get fast feedback from professionals and can solve all educational issues in less time.

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3. Memrise – Language Learning

Memrise is an excellent app for learning any subject and especially to learn any language. When you want to learn any language, you need to choose that language in this app, and then you are ready to go. You will see different lessons and lectures which will teach you vocabulary through gamification.

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You need to spend some time, and you can learn everything about any language without spending your dollars on textbooks. You can use this app for free, but there will be adds in the free version. If you want to get rid of advertisements, you can consider purchasing its pro version.

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4. Brainscape – Smart Flashcards

Brainscape is a useful educational app which is installed on your iPhone and iPad in 2018. This app is specially designed to speed up your learning speed. Therefore, there are many features in this app which make it possible to increase your learning speed and provide you a great and easy learning process. You can take complete benefits from flashcards of this app which convey the proper details of your selected subject. This app especially focuses on all subjects and all topics.

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The way of teaching in this app is very excellent and its repeats the concept, again and again, to be understood by you quickly. Additionally, you can take participate in quizzes to check your educational level and test your learned knowledge. You can use this app for free but pro subscription for $10 per month, $30 semiannually, or $36 per year can give you access to unlimited premium content with complete details, and a lot of other features. You can also create flashcards without ads, easily access to browse mode, bookmarks, and card reversibility.

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5. Photomath – Scan. Solve. Learn.

It is a great educational app which is designed to help you with your mathematics. It is specially designed for the students of schools and colleges to understand the algebraic questions in a better way. You can find the answers to your algebra-related questions in no time and easy way. You have to take the photo of your questions, and then you can find the solutions on this app.

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This app will provide you the step by step explanation and procedures to understand the math easily and quickly. Its step by step solutions provide you the easy understanding and give you a real idea of the solution approach. That’s why it can be your best partner when you are doing your math homework at your home.

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6. WolframAlpha – Educational App

WolframAlpha is a great educational app which is available for only $2.99. This app comes with its search engine which provides you the answers to the questions which you search.

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This app more precisely covers the details and answers about different kind of algorithms and also provide you the solutions to your other searches in less time.

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7. Periodic Table – Royal Society of Chemistry

Periodic Table is an educational app for iPhone and iPad. This app primarily consists of an interactive periodic table. You can see and learn different queries about Chemistry using the podcasts, videos and other content which are available in this app.

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This app has different levels of educational information, and you don’t need to worry about the complicated stuff of periodic table as everything is well organized and favorable for all kind of students and app users. So, you can surely make a decision to choose and install this app to understand the concepts of chemistry in the easy and time-saving way.

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8. StudyBlue – Flashcards and Study Guide App

One of the best educational app for iPhone and iPad is StudyBlue. With this app, you can create, study and share your own digital flashcards and all that for free. You can also customize your study materials with audio and images, and you can quiz yourself, set study reminders and track your progress.

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If you upgrade to Pro you will get full access to all study materials created for your classes, and that means you can spend less time making materials and more time studying.

You can Download StudyBlue from App Store

9. Notability – Easy Note-taking & Annotation

Notability is one of the top-selling paid apps on iPad App Store, constantly ranked #1. No matter if you are a student, teacher, or business professional you can use Notability daily to enhance your life. This app has a unique design for each device to give the best note-taking experience at school, home, or work.

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If you are looking for powerful, yet wonderfully simple note-taking and PDF annotation then you should try Notability. You can download this app from App Store for $9.99.

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10. Quizlet Flashcards – Learn Languages & Study Vocab

One of the best educational apps for iPhone and iPad is Quizlet Flashcards. This app is specially tailored for marathon learning sessions and it is the easiest method to study and master what you have learned.

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Now you can create your own flashcards and share it with friends, classmates or students. You can also enhance your studying with custom images and audio and all that for free.

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