Many of you thought this was impossible. But as they say, there is nothing in the world that’s impossible. Official Sprint iPhone Unlock today announced they are offering the Sprint iPhone factory unlock service. Yes! You heard it right! This is really an unlock Sprint iPhone. The dreams of Sprint customers are now going to come true. They are the FIRST COMPANY to offer this solution.

unlock sprint iphone

How to Unlock Sprint iPhone 8 X 7 6 6S 6+ SE 5C 5 5S by IMEI

As we have been mentioning over the past few weeks, this service is the BEST among unlocking services that you’re going to find. You can’t compare it with Gevey SIM or Ultrasn0w, as they are software and hardware unlocks with shortcomings. However, this unlock service can factory Unlock Sprint iPhone 8, X, 7, 6, 6+, 6S, SE, 5S, 5C, or 4S forever, and you will never have to look back. This is the fastest, safest and the most reliable unlock solution can Factory Unlock your Sprint iPhone NOW!

Unlock Sprint iPhone 7 8 X 6S 6 5S 5C 4S SE by IMEI

The Sprint iPhone unlock costs $119 and takes about 5-15 days. As mentioned above, this is the first company that can unlock iPhone from Sprint, and the first company that we found reliable enough to recommend to our faithful readers.

Before you proceed, read this IMPORTANT NOTE: For Sprint iPhone, they can unlock ONLY do Clean ESN phones, so users need to check their MEID. This means that Sprint USA iPhone can be factory unlocked within a few days.

How the Sprint iPhone Unlock service Works

The Sprint iPhone unlock service was started a while ago, this factory unlock service comes in to SAVE THE DAY. They have DIRECT ACCESS, and can unlock any Sprint iPhone with GOOD ESN regardless. You just need to give them the IMEI number, and the device will be unlocked in 5-15 days.

sprint iphone unlock service

Factory Unlock Sprint iPhone 4S, 4, 5, 6, 5S, 5C, SE, 6S, 7, 8 or X

An email will be sent to the address you provided after the IMEI has been processed by Apple, and the handset simply needs to be connected to iTunes for the unlock to take place. Then you can use the Sprint iPhone on any carrier and any sim card in the world. There is also money back guarantee included. Yes! You are in heaven.

For Sprint iPhone Unlock, just head over to their website after checking the device is eligible by checking the ESN. They will ask you for personal details. This company is the best, and highly recommended service. Better to get your iPhone unlocked once, rather than waste money on cheaper solutions and gain nothing in the end. Get your Factory Unlock Sprint iPhone NOW!

  • Niko Goga

    Please add Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC) to this list. I can’t seem to find an unlock solution anywhere for this carrier!

  • SprintUser

    Finally my Sprint iPhone 4S is Unlocked!

  • NP300

    Does anyone know if I unlock my iPhone 4S locked to Sprint, will it work using T-Mobile or is it only for international use?

  • Tech2020

    You can use the Sprint iPhone 4S on any carrier and any sim card in the world ? That’s not true , if you are going to recommend this website services you should get your facts straight before.

  • rahib

    i want to unloked my phone, sprint 4s ios 6, but we cant, please help me

  • janine

    i have a iphone 5 locked with sprint. if i buy this service will i be able to use it in guam usa?

  • Mehdi

    Dear Masoud,
    Would you please share me if you know a reliable way to unlock my iphone 4s(Sprint)?


  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, after this unlock you can use your device on any GSM network worldwide.

  • Tony

    Das it vork in sunrise all phones

  • Renaldo

    Amc ta unlock une per 100 mije leke

  • #LaceUp

    i have a sprint iphone 4s, if i buy this will it unlock my iphone? and will i be able to us at&t as my network in the u.s? its on ios6

  • Tim

    This unlocks the GSM portion of the handset for international use. If you are based in the USA, it will still have to be used on Sprint (it won’t work on AT&T for example).

    Do not buy this if you want to use the GSM portion in the United States. This is only for those customers who are overseas.

  • Vinicius Cascao

    Hello ! i wondering low long take to unlock the device ! and how much will cost ? i got 3 Iphones 4s from Sprint !

  • Gk01

    I want know if make this unlock with ups 5.1.1 can I. Update to iOS 6.0.1 after unlock my iPhone ????? And what is the cost for unlock a iPhone with sprint???

  • cynthia sciola

    So I cant use my sprint iphone 4s 6.0 unlocked in us where i live?

  • Frank

    What if my device is running on 5.0.1 and is jail broken will it still work?

  • lisa

    This unlocks the GSM portion of the handset for international use. If
    you are based in the USA, it will still have to be used on Sprint (it
    won’t work on AT&T for example). – this is a direct quote from your website. so will it or will it not be unlocked to use on any carrier in the US?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, after this unlock you can use it with ANY sim card.

  • kahotic

    can u unlock my iphone 4s locked to Optimus Portugal?



  • roxie

    iphone 5 iOS 6.1 locked to 3UK and blocked, can you unlocked this one?

  • jaafar

    I have an iphone 4s locked by the operator under sprint version 6.0.1 base band 3.0.04. can it be unlock?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes. This solution works on Sprint iPhones up to iOS 6.1 / 6.1.1 firmware. The normal unlocking timeframe is 3-5 days.

  • SprintUser

    If you have clean ESN then just call Sprint and they will unlock the phone. They will unlock it so it will work with GSM carriers internationally not with GSM carriers in the USA.

  • UnlockBoot

    We can unlock Three Uk iPhones including iPhone 5. The normal price is £119.99 (1-7 days unlock delivery).

  • bagartum

    I have an iphone 4s locked by the operator verizon 13.0 under sprint version 6.0.1 with modem fireware 3.0.04. can it be unlock? Help me Out

  • Tone

    Can the unlocked iPhone 4 from sprint work in att

  • abhy

    990001833428972 this is my imei munber is locked in sprint usa 4s i give them order 25 december 2012 right now its still locked so friends dont give them order they just still your money so dont waste money….

  • abhy

    no thats not true my phone i gave order 3 month and its still locked you guys are just still my money thats it my imei nymber is 990001833428972. its still locked

  • Aguilar

    Can you unlock my iPhone to work for virgin mobile?

  • juan

    I have an sprint iphone 4s, how do I check if it has clean esn?
    Is this service reliable??

  • juan

    where did you get the unlock??

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, 6.1, 6.1.1, 6.1.2 and 6.1.3 are supported on any baseband.

  • UnlockBoot

    Use Check MEID service.

  • Tikimaker

    How is an IMEI unlock going to work on an i4 CDMA only iPhone on AT&T GSM only network? Can’t be done.

  • zinho

    you unlock iphone 4s sprint?? ifrom Brasil

  • Zain

    I got an i phone 4S in South Africa locked on Sprint. How do i sort it out and whats the cost?

  • Fay

    100 % you are right they are a shit, and very bad support I called them overseas they close when i told them I payed you from long time they are real shit

  • Ritesh Zinzuwadia

    Hey Plz Help Me.

    Having Iphone 4s 16gb White Locked to USA Sprint Carrier & OS version is 6.0.1

    Can Be Unlocked???


  • Rabi Shrestha

    I have got iphone 4s from Usa sprint locked. Can you factory unlock it?

  • Khanmohd

    I want to unlock the clean esn sprint iphone 4s to t moblie service in usa.!

  • steve

    I need some help can my iphone 5 br unlocked? imei : 013409000757300
    please help

  • Thang Nguyen Ngoc

    I need an unlocked code for my Sprint iphone 4S just actived on May 28th,2013. How much?

  • rami

    its unlockable? which carrier? 990001106228984

  • Hamid

    Can you unlock Sprint Iphone 4s with ios 7?

  • Andrew

    need to unlock 5s on sprint usa to be able to use it in europe.can you do it ?

  • sarooj

    hii am from srilanka i have iphone 4s locked to sprint usa.this is stolen blocked can u unlock this phone?

  • charliecham79

    available unlocking iphone 4s sprint company? in many places this aeguran disabled unlocking by imei for this network sprint

  • charliecham79

    available unlocking iphone 4s sprint company? in many places claim that is disabled by imei unlocking for this network sprint

  • SY

    I have overlooked to ask for the charge in US.

  • gin ravager

    why don’t you try to find the owner and return it,that would be good karma

  • keerthana

    can you unlock cdma iphone 5s sprint ? after unlock any gsm can work on it
    kindly reply me

  • raghav

    can you unlock sprint iphone 6 version 8.1.1?? let me know

  • feroz

    can you unlock iphone 5s sprint model A1453?

  • patcha

    please unlock this phone 013037009928513 EE UK

  • Camat

    4s imei 990001015091200 sprint pls. unlock rus