The reason most of us love our iPhone is how much great applications are designed for download and which applications directly amaze us all. If you are already keeping a listing of the amazing apps on your iPhone, this one may come towards the top.

Ford’s Keyfree login allows you to unlock your social networking websites just by placing your iPhone near by the computer!

Ford Keyfree login

No, this is not a joke, watch the video below regarding Ford’s keyfree login for ourself. Users would have never guessed which company is responsible for this “keyfree login” technology. It is Ford, yes – the one that makes cars, not applications for iPhone, but they have done a fantastic job applying their keyfree technology.

How to Use Ford Keyfree Login

This keyfree login is incredibly easy to use. I’m wondering why Apple or any kind technology business has not already invented this technology. All you should do to in order to login to your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and also Gmail, is to basically place your iPhone nearby the computer. Yes, it is as simple as that.

download Ford Keyfree login App
Ford Keyfree login iPhone App

Once your iPhone is near by the computer it “unlocks” the social networking sites that are currently opened to log off, all you should do is just leave the place with your iPhone.

Check out this great video below to find out how Ford Keyfree logon works.

Free Download Ford Keyfree login iPhone Application

Ford keyfree login works only on Chrome, so the users who do not necessarily use Chrome should take the time to shift as this particular extension only operates for Chrome. As much as I know, iPhone app at present work only on Mac so those who use Windows are out of luck. But no need to worry as the Windows version will probably be coming soon as well.

Currently Ford Keyfree login iPhone app isn’t available for download (at the time of writing) but when Ford keyfree login hits the iPhone app store we will immediately post the download links.

What do you think about Ford’s Keyfree Login?

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