Hacking news is spreading across the web. The security of androidforums.com was breached a few days ago. We also read the news that Yahoo Voices was hacked as well.

Now the latest news suggests that iOS in-app purchasing mechanism has been hacked by a savvy Russian hacker who posted a proof concept video. Check it out after the break!

Download paid app store apps for free

9to5mac first pointed out this news which was posted first on a Russian blog i-ekb.ru. The credit is given to a Russian developer ZonD80 who runs the site In-AppStore.com. From his website, he collected donations to support development of the project.

The special thing about this method, and a worry for the jailbreak community, is that just requires a few simple steps and doesn’t need the device to be jailbroken. A report suggests the site has been put down by Apple but the developer confirms it is just under high load.

This is bad news for the fruit company. This is because once the crack is installed; anyone would be able to use in-app content free of cost in most of the apps. The method will work on all iOS devices running iOS 3.x to 6.x and is independent of the iOS version. Here’s a video showing the in-app proxy:

How to Get in-app purchases free of charge! No jailbreak required!

The instructions published are simple and require the installation of two certificates (CA and in-appstore.com) and changing the DNS record of the device located in the Wi-Fi section of the Settings. This will put the device in contact with the Russian server to circumvent the built-in protection, producing this confirmation dialogue.

In-AppStore in-app purchasing method

How In-app Free purchasing Method Work
Hacked In-App purchasing

Not all the regions or apps are affected, but the first look shows the hack bypasses a large portion enough of third-party apps that support in-app purchasing to be called a major worry for the developers and the fruit company.

Update: Install In-Appstore.com Certificates and new Working DNS:

Step 1: Install the following certificates: and

Step 2: Connect to Wi-fi and Change your DNS to

Step 3: Now open the paid application, and try to make purchase. Instead of the standard window you should see this:

like app store hack DNS

Step 4: Click like & Enjoy!

Unlockboot doesn’t like anything related to piracy. We are also against stealing what belongs to others. You might see our post on other blogs without credit attribution. If Apple doesn’t do anything, there would no use of making paid apps. Feel free to comment!

  • yutz

    free apps for what?? still unresolved issue with iphone 4 4.11.08 unlock… can we get any better than this??

  • Levik

    there is already an app in cydia called ” iap cracker” in the ihacksrepo

  • John Benedict A. Reyes

    i think its not working. when iAP Cracker install did tried it and it work but after i tried again it didnt work. also didnt work in Zynga bingo and fruit ninja… fruit ninja works when iAP Cracker is install when i tried this stuff after uninstalling if it really works. none works at all.

  • dsouza

    I cant browse when using that DNS and why do I get prompted for my Apple ID before i get the inapp prompt for like ?

  • John J Palma

    Msk ip address is banned already by apple.

  • deividas

    does it work or not because when i try to buy coins in temple run it won’t work?

  • lai76

    how to get the two

    Certificates to install ?

  • Edrin spahiu

    go with ur phone on this page and only click each VeriSign Class and itunes.apple.com; the profile ll auto instal than change the DSN but i think the server is full or apple found a way to fix this coz my apps wont open just crash but nothing serious everything can be undone.maybe u ll need to turn off the wifi

  • Jerry

    Is better u show people how to unlock 04.12.01 than teaching. Us how to steal

  • Jerry

    We have installous so we are okay just give s iPhone. 4 unlock and stop doing things that don’t worth rating my rating for u is -100

  • Jerry

    For me all these hackers are not worthy to call hackers as they can’t break apple code on baseband 04:12:01 they are just playing with apple company the need to be arrested by FBI

  • mhm

    where you sleep when method SAM working i make this method and nao i have iphone 4 bb 4.11.08 locked for at&t but i use with my sim card ;]

  • Ahmed

    This doesn’t work for iOS 6.0.1 I tried it it says cannot connect to iTunes Store. 😑😡

  • josh

    doesnt work on iOS 6.0.1

  • Louis Coote

    I think this is patched as of 2013 ( ios 6.0.1 ) ipad mini. It says cannot connect to iTunes! HELP NEW WAY PLEASE!

  • raj

    i was trying bt it doesn’t work for ios 6.0.1

  • Jake

    Help me! I did everything right but when I went back to game for the like…I pressed the purchase product button but the purchase pop up didn’t even come out reply to me ASAP on karsing500-at-hotmail.co.uk

  • Evasi0n

    Don’t work for iOS 6

  • Ali

    How to install that certificates

  • Mike

    Please fix it for IOS 6.1.3

  • Rman

    The website doesn’t work enymor

  • Apple

    iOS 7.0.3 not working on the iPad Air, fix it!

  • Leedleleedleleedlele

    Guys one word; localiapstore

  • Speedy

    How does it work it says 403 forbidden on iOS 8 help plssss they patched or something