Almost all of us have heard the rumors a long way back regarding the next-generation iPhone — the iPhone 5 to feature the LTE Technology as well as using a 4G network.

iPhone 5 4G LTE

At that time, we kind of let it slide owing to the fact that it was just one of the numerous rumors we daily hear about the new iPhone. Well, it seems that the rumor has finally come true!

According to what SK Telecom and KT, two largest mobile operators in South Korea, told reporters of the Korean Times (obviously), the newest entry in Apple’s iPhone series will be getting a module for the 4G network LTE. These features will be seen for the first time in the smartphone series. However, every owner of the device will be able to use the new feature, because the 4th generation networks of different operators present in different countries don’t operate on the same frequencies. The LTE networks for Verizon operate at 700 MHz while 700 MHz as well as 2.1 GHz networks are used by AT&T.

Negotiations are being made with Apple such as offering to include support for the 1.8 GHz frequency range in order to be compatible with the new iPhone. According to SK Telecom, the iPhone 5 should be capable of operating at a 800 MHz frequency.

iPHone 5 to have LTE 4G
LTE Technology — iPhone 5

If you remember, there was a problem with the compatible LTE iPad 3 to be unsuitable when it comes to using it for 4G networks around the globe. The new iPad only supports the US frequency of 700 MHz and 2100 MHz and that’s why the tablet isn’t compatible with the European or any other network. It’s not even compatible with local networks that operate LTE on different frequencies. Due to this frequency incompatibility, the fruit company had to change the marketing policy and told the buyers to ask for their money back if the claims of such ‘incompatibility’ weren’t shown in the promotional material.

Having said all of this, almost all of us want to buy the new iPhone because of the LTE compatibility. Only time will tell if it’s able to provide us with what we expect or not! What do you think?