In accordance with all statistics, 72% of the users are convinced the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III should compete with the sixth-generation of the iPhone. At the same time, 45% of the respondents showed a willingness to purchase a new one. For comparison – only 33% of the respondents were ready to purchase the new iPad.

New iPhone 5 VS Galaxy S3

Of course, you can make some discount on the gray market saturation, but it must be admitted that the Galaxy S III is an amazingly popular model among users. Apple in their own manner is persuaded that soon no competitor will make it possible to shake its leadership. There are several reasons behind this stand. Edition evaluates six prerequisites to ensure the new iPhone 5 will overcome its competitor.

A poor design

According to the opinion of many customers, the Samsung Galaxy S III includes a stunning High Definition screen; however, the design of the device is actually the weak point. It seems like the Korean businesses simply don’t have enough time to bring this to its logical conclusion. On the other hand, the minimalism of the iPhone, in accordance with Steve Jobs demands for these devices, gives the Smartphone the needed refinement and coherence which suits just about every user. Black as well as white is considered as strong and also business colors in contrast to flowers sea pebbles and white marbled from Samsung.

The exact same reliability

Whenever we buy an iPhone, we all know that this product is genuinely reliable, since the gadgets which were released from this organization do not receive many complaints. Thus Apple enjoys an impeccable reputation among users. Additionally, the organization will make every effort to ensure the brand new gadget is best and new.
iPhone 5 will be better than Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

A single ecosystem

Samsung produces the widest selection of mobile cell phones, each within its own market. However, for gadgets, they are using OS Android as well as Windows Phone. Dependence upon other company is an additional disadvantage of Samsung devices. Users tend to be forced to depend on updates from the third-party company. At the same time, Apple has its own operating system that they ensure is up-to-date and enhanced. Additionally, the company is controlling all phases of manufacturing, which results with a more output gadget.

Sales network

Apple was able to create a highly effective system associated with the distribution of its devices on the markets in different countries and regions, which is really a clear advantage in handling competitor companies. Apple is promoting a scheme where customers can exchange their old device, and receive a new one with a reasonable discount.
Galaxy S3 display vs iPhone 5 retina

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S 3

Hype about the release of a new gadget

Apple managed to make an ideal promotional organization. Network media are always hungry for writing any news regarding the specifications of Apple products, and shortly prior to the presentation of new products, features that are under seven locks become probably the most discussed information.

Constant innovation

Among the characteristics associated with Apple, the most valued one is the attention to innovation. Smartphones, as well as tablets which were released in a single generation, is a large step forward when compared to predecessors. The 6th generation iPhone is the most innovative line of iOS smartphones.

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