In accordance with all statistics, 72% of the users are convinced the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III should compete with the sixth-generation of the iPhone. At the same time, 45% of the respondents showed a willingness to purchase a new one. For comparison – only 33% of the respondents were ready to purchase the new iPad.

New iPhone 5 VS Galaxy S3

Of course, you can make some discount on the gray market saturation, but it must be admitted that the Galaxy S III is an amazingly popular model among users. Apple in their own manner is persuaded that soon no competitor will make it possible to shake its leadership. There are several reasons behind this stand. Edition evaluates six prerequisites to ensure the new iPhone 5 will overcome its competitor.

A poor design

According to the opinion of many customers, the Samsung Galaxy S III includes a stunning High Definition screen; however, the design of the device is actually the weak point. It seems like the Korean businesses simply don’t have enough time to bring this to its logical conclusion. On the other hand, the minimalism of the iPhone, in accordance with Steve Jobs demands for these devices, gives the Smartphone the needed refinement and coherence which suits just about every user. Black as well as white is considered as strong and also business colors in contrast to flowers sea pebbles and white marbled from Samsung.

The exact same reliability

Whenever we buy an iPhone, we all know that this product is genuinely reliable, since the gadgets which were released from this organization do not receive many complaints. Thus Apple enjoys an impeccable reputation among users. Additionally, the organization will make every effort to ensure the brand new gadget is best and new.
iPhone 5 will be better than Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

A single ecosystem

Samsung produces the widest selection of mobile cell phones, each within its own market. However, for gadgets, they are using OS Android as well as Windows Phone. Dependence upon other company is an additional disadvantage of Samsung devices. Users tend to be forced to depend on updates from the third-party company. At the same time, Apple has its own operating system that they ensure is up-to-date and enhanced. Additionally, the company is controlling all phases of manufacturing, which results with a more output gadget.

Sales network

Apple was able to create a highly effective system associated with the distribution of its devices on the markets in different countries and regions, which is really a clear advantage in handling competitor companies. Apple is promoting a scheme where customers can exchange their old device, and receive a new one with a reasonable discount.
Galaxy S3 display vs iPhone 5 retina

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S 3

Hype about the release of a new gadget

Apple managed to make an ideal promotional organization. Network media are always hungry for writing any news regarding the specifications of Apple products, and shortly prior to the presentation of new products, features that are under seven locks become probably the most discussed information.

Constant innovation

Among the characteristics associated with Apple, the most valued one is the attention to innovation. Smartphones, as well as tablets which were released in a single generation, is a large step forward when compared to predecessors. The 6th generation iPhone is the most innovative line of iOS smartphones.

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  • Gaara

    you know what is the bigger problem with apple is that apple have to much control over your iPhone , you can’t customize your iPhone they way u want and u can u want apple what u to do, in the other hand Android are open sources and you can customize your phone they way you want with no problem at all.

  • Sasuke

    Yeah, but the majority of consumers wants something that is sturdy and just works. Apples products are reliable, it has a simple, easy to use interface, and it doesn’t scare people with the fact you have the ability to easily corrupt something. Yeah, Android can be modified easily, but if you don’t know what you are doing, it can be broken easily too.

  • Anne Droyd

    Yeah, and those six “reasons” certainly don’t explain why Samsung had already sold nearly 10 million SIII’s before the phone was even available in the shops.

  • butoh kau

    damn wrong source is very can’t be customized? u’re just using android while you deny all the truth.

  • hotakkolah

    glad to see genius peoples using washing machine brand phone with bad or less taste of design.

  • joe

    what ? the design of gallaxy is bad ?? look -at- the iphone its just a square block :s

  • lalala lilili

    who said ppl cant customise the iphone are retard

  • oswaldo ricse

    i think galaxy S III will be better, because i guess the bluetooth from the iphone 5 won’t be able to work with another cell phones to share photos and other media, the super amoled plus is another strong point for galaxy S III, what do you think now?????

  • wannabee

    The MAIN POINT is, Apple can control the market and its third party “developers” (iOS Unlockers, Jailbreakers). So they can dominate its competitor.

    However as the year passes by, the same problem exist in every iOS updates. Battery Issues, Push Notifications, having the same battery specification given with iPhone 4s from its predecessor iPhone 4, which supposedly higher from iPhone 4, knowing Dual Core processor consumes more power. So what do you expect?

    A lot of people got blinded by the fancy advertisement introduced by Apple. That’s how Apple play their tricks on the market.

  • bey

    iphone much problem..need itunes to transfer song video.lock use SIRI need wifi or much problem..SIII much better and easy to use..

  • Gaara

    oh really how with cydia? hahahaha

  • J.Wood

    Iphone and sturdy shouldn’t be in the same sentence, about 50% or more people I know with Iphones have cracked screens on them, my galaxy s2 which I dropped on numerous occasions face down still has it’s screen fully intact and good as new.

  • Omar Chaves

    six reason to leave iPhone:

    1° iPhone is so boring!!!
    2° iPhone is so boring!!!
    3°iPhone is so boring!!!
    4°iPhone is so boring!!!
    5°iPhone is so boring!!!
    6°iPhone is so boring!!!

  • Nope.

    So you just claimed the iPhone 5’s design will be sooo much better while we know nothing of its actual look. Totally legit.

  • Gaara

    if apple is that good why apple are in the courtroom try to stop samsung for selling they Samsung Galaxy s 3 into usa?

  • Omar Chaves

    what would be the iphone without jailbreak and cydia: useless, nothing. Rsrsrsrsr

  • iphone 3gs new boot LOCKED

    you cant use the same design forever..

  • Dennis Menace

    I prefer IOS over Android. More reliable, simple.
    Android does provide a much better PC experience.
    Your average person, which is 9 out of 10 of us, does NOT need a PC experience on our device. Nor the complications associated with making changes to the device itself.
    IOS provides you with what you need to get the job done. A one stop shop more or less. IOS offers an operating system thats fully tested to work with ALL apps developed for it. And vice versa.
    Android relies on the buyer of the app to gamble their own money on apps that may or may not work, or, negatively affect their device.
    I have had deep experience with both.
    And the Samsung Galaxy S series is the closest, hardware wise, you will ever get to Iphones hardware.
    Yes, Itunes SUCKS. Not able to drag and drop files, sucks. But I would MUCH rather have a complaint like this, than having to spend HOURS trying to find decent apps, or wasting money on crap apps on Android. OR whats worse is spending big bucks on an Android device, only to be worth nothing after 2 months!
    My Iphone 4S 64 gig will hold its value for over 1 year, EASILY!

  • پارسا گچکار

    why i dont like iphone:
    1 no Usb on the go
    2 no native Beats Audio
    3 no Amoled Plus Screen (i can’t believe that they used a TFT screen on iphone 4s)
    4 iphone’s bluetooth sucks is someone going to fix it?
    5 no NFC
    6 iphone has a lowend hardware performance (all thou iOS manages thing in a good way , i appreciate it .but then again its just a little software tweaks nothing more 🙂 )

  • پارسا گچکار

    i agree you cannot customize iPhone like android phones

  • Nathan Ko Mason

    U Dont know how to jailbreak…..! straight up i play ps3 online through my iphone my home network everything runs off it, an when i leave i take it with me…. 100 000 +apps plus more throught cydia its endless..>! ure boring !

  • noneofur business

    What a piss poor opinion.
    Here is why the Galaxy 3 beats the iPhone:
    1.) It runs Android which is open source.
    2.) Iphone home button suck and doesn’t work well.
    3.) You don’t have to use iTunes – Itunes sucks
    4.) User replaceable battery
    5.) Expandabe SD memory
    6.) Galaxy 3 will offer more features
    7.) Larger screen
    8.) Better OS design – Apple thinks putting 20 square icons on each “page” is a design?
    9.) S-voice work better than Siri
    10.) Multitasking on Iphone is a joke
    11.) More control of file types
    I could go on, and on, and, on, …….

  • noneofur business

    Well put:
    Iphones are for people that can’t / don’t want to learn technology
    Android is for techies and true gadget lovers that understand how to use software

    Also, the Galaxy 3 blows the iPhone out of the water when compairing hardware specs.

  • pro.connection86

    smartphone= wifi, data support, voice navi etc. if don’t want those… just use Nokia 3310! you are a loser… im not judging s3 or iPhone but your mentality is OUT OF DATE!

  • pro.connection86

    because Samsung UI is copying iOS. so funny when you try to snap the pic, it looks like iPhone camera UI

  • pro.connection86

    you forget something, lack of OS and always HANG!

  • pro.connection86

    which tech?? linux?? u r a joke!

  • pro.connection86

    jailbreak and restore is the answer.. root can easily BRICK androids.

  • pro.connection86

    always hang, leggy, internet always jamn! need more? im a technician in phones… i can give you 1000 more if you want.

  • pro.connection86

    1- u dont know how to use smartphones
    2- u get it from scrapyard or something
    3- u not afford to get data plans to download tweaks and games
    4- you in phobia with “cant pull out the battery”
    5- you lost your iPhone before and dont have enough money to buy it again
    6- You wanted a hi-tech phones but low in price= androids….

  • Joe_HTH

    Were you masturbating to a picture of Jobs while writing that article? As for the iPhone, it will look exactly like the iPhone 4 and 4S, the only difference being size and color. In other words, it’ll be boring and there will be no real news.

  • Joe_HTH

    If they dominate, then why is Samsung selling more phones, and Android eating it’s lunch in market share? I despise Android, but facts are facts.

  • Zakkcartur

    Anyone who disses the iPhone 4S, obviously hasn’t touched one. I see no flaws in my 4S but every Android phone i’ve used was garbage. I had the 4 for 9 months, went to the Razr Maxx when i heard of the battery, only to go to the 4S a month after getting it. I hated the music player. It’s not even possible to use and use cleanly. NFC is worthless for the phone when both people need an S3. A lot of people have them, but not nearly as close to as many that have iPhones. Multitasking, Siri, and simplicity to use is why it’s better. S-voice is wannabe-Siri garbage. I use my iPhone, iPad and Macbook to run my business, while android is used by people who think they know what they’re talking about when it comes to productivity. Also, i hate the open source market. It let’s apps that are useless or the exact same as another app open to download. Even with the open source, Apple gets the apps that android begs for (ie: instagram, temple run). Oh, and I operate my car and my house from my iPhone. ADT told me i couldn’t with the Razr Maxx. I roll my windows up with my phone, even start the car after i walk out of the house and turn on the alarm and turn off the lights, all with the phone. All without jailbreak.

  • Callum Dean Terry

    To be fair, the iPhone 5 does look like the iPhone 4/4s… But the Samsung also looks suspiciously similar.

  • johnnathan badillo

    i agree on the iphone is for ppl that want a clea yet simple phone and that android is for techies but cmon how much time should yu spend messing with your phone get a life!!! team iphone baby

  • iPayThousandsForAppearance

    You could’ve made this article a lot shorter by just writing “Because Apple’s marketing department told me so.”

  • Jose A Plascencia

    The iphone 5 is the same shit, just the 1/2 inche of screen and new connector stupid asses.

  • Austin2222

    I don’t care about which phone is going to sell better.
    I’m caring about which one is actually better made.

  • 0990909

    There are SO many reasons why the Samsung Galaxy is much better than the iPhone. The iPhone is just for little hipster faggots who can’t seem to comprehend or grasp how to actually use the S3. LOL. This is NOT a comparison, for instance, I can’t even take the back off the iPhone whereas I’m able to on my S3. The specs are 10x better than the iPhone. Are you able to modify your screen with different themes and icons for each application you have on your phone? I don’t think so. Can you edit the themes for your SMS/Dial and your LED lighting—oh wait you don’t have lighting for your iPhone. You can jailbreak your iPhone? You can root the S3.

  • Stev

    . Android phones are better than i phones. Simple to use also less costly. ios operating system is infirior, while android is Supirior. Thanks fo google for its android operating system. I like it.

  • Reno Ronquillo

    Android: You can do WHATEVER you want with your phone. Period.

    Apple: You can do ONLY what Apple lets you do.

  • Hey

    Actually you can only most people just dont get how because then they go with s3s which is half as good as apple

  • cee

    Two years later, Samsung offer no support for phone, no updates, nada.

    Iphone still has years of support by Apple.

    Game, set, match

  • cee

    Android: two years support for device.

    Apple: four years.

    Game, set & match