PlayStation 4 is one of the best video game consoles which offers immersive gaming experience ever. Though, if you encounter any issue or problems with the console your gaming experience suffers. As such a problem that many of the PS4 users encounter and complain about it on threads and community pages is about the PS4 controller not charging.

ps4 controller not charging

So, guys before you go online or to a retail store and purchase a new one (cost around $50), you might try few simple fixes. Continue reading on, as we are about to share with you few solutions that might fix your PS4 controller not charging problem.

Solution for PS4 Controller Not Charging

Here is the list of the fixes that you can do which will help you to resolve the PS4 controller not charging issue. But, if none of the solutions work for you, and you are still under warranty. We recommend you to go and replace the problematic controller from the store you purchased it from.

1. Check the Batteries

If the PS4 controllers have been under use for a longer period of time, you should take in consideration to replace the batteries. As these are rechargeable batteries they will eventually deplete their charge and in time they will die out. So be, rest assured as doing so will not affect your warranty, so you’re safe to try this method.

2. Check the Charging Cable

The other plausibility for PS4 controller not charging issue is that the charging cable be faulty. So try to connect your controller with different cables and see if it charges your controller. You can always use an android cable (Micro-USB not Type-C) to charge your controller.

3. Avoid Hot Surfaces

Be cautious and check to see if your PS4 controller is not placed on top of any hot surface. As this can be another reason for the PS4 controller not charging problem. The PS4 controller has a sensor located by the wire under the cover, it is known as the Bluetooth receiver. So we recommend you to make sure that your PS4 while charging or not is not sitting on a hot surface.

4. Reset your PS4 Controller

You can reset your PS4 controller. To do so, you just need a press, for few seconds, the indent down. You can find this indent which located on the back of the controller, near the right screw. So grab a toothpick and have at it. After that plug your controller and see if still you are facing PS4 controller not charging issue.

ps4 controller won't charge

5. Reset the Temperature Sensor

This solution might sound arbitrary but it works. Just put your PS4 controller inside a freezer for 30 minutes. Then, plug the controller for charging and you will see that it will begin to charge like normal. The reason we can think this work is that it might reset or cool down the faulty temperature sensor. Try this at your own risk.

6. Check the Charging Port

Another plausibility is that your controller charging port might be at fault. Hence, you will encounter the PS4 controller not charging issue. This can occur when you continuously plug in and plug out your charger. Therefore, damaging it because of the tension on it.

7. Place your PS4 Controller Upside Down

Finally, we have a solution that might sounds crazy but it can be the solution you’re looking for. So what you have to do is to plug your PS4 controller and then turn the controller upside down. After placing it upside down you will see the controller is normally charging.

Hope all the above mentioned solutions work for you guys. Do let me know in the comments which of the solution worked for you? And if you have any other solutions that we missed out on.