On the internet you can find many torrent clients for your Mac. But if you’re looking for the best torrent clients for Mac, then read our list. As we mentioned torrent clients that are free, have good functions, friendly-interface and in some cases ad-free.

best torrent clients for mac

These torrent clients give you access to download torrents files. These peer-to-peer transfer is one way to share files and media over the internet.

Here are the Best Torrent Clients for Mac

Each of the torrents mentioned in the list have to offer something unique and different to each other. All of them are easy to use, reliable and more. So check all of these torrent clients and then download the best torrent client for Mac.

1. Transmission

Important — If you are using Transmission ver. 2.90 for the Mac. Then be warned that it has been discovered to spread malware. However, the update ver. 2.92 has fixed this issue. Therefore, it is best for you to update the torrent client.

Transmission client competes among the best torrent clients for Mac. If you have trouble with uTorrent we advise you to try this client first before choosing another. The design element of this client is intuited with the Mac overall design.

best torrent client for mac

This torrent clients has a beautiful interface and has Apple’s design aesthetics. Addition to this, Transmission is known for being a light weight torrent client. However, it makes up of for its design it lacks in functionality. Hence, if you are a casual torrent downloader and likes Apple design aesthetics then this torrent software is for you.

Download Transmission

2. uTorrent

This is among the popular and best torrent clients for Mac. It had been our editor’s pick for a really long time. It offered both light weight interface and many great features.

transmission torrent client

However, in recent times uTorrent has lost its mojo. The reason for this is that by default it started setting unwanted extensions. Also, Yahoo was set as the search engine. Though, in the recent times this torrent client has become free to download.

Thought the torrent client offers ads on its interface, it also manages to have constant updates. Thus, has fewer complaints and is respected among the torrent community.

Download uTorrent

3. qBittorrent

You probably hadn’t heard of this torrent client before, qBittorent. Though, it might seem odd but it has its way to make you like it. The qBittorent has a fairly user-friendly interface therefore, you can operate it easily. During our test run with this torrent client we had discovered that it uses minimum processing memory while in the background. Additionally, qBittornet is a best torrent clients for Mac because it does not show ads.

best torrent software for mac

Despite the interface being user-friendly it is clustered, when comparing to other torrent clients. Thought it is a new torrent client, it looks like that it came from the OS X time period. Nonetheless, it is packed with amazing features and have a balance outlook.

Download qBittorrent

4. Deluge

Deluge is one of the oldest and best torrent clients for Mac available on the net. However, many of the torrent users, don’t know about this torrent client software. Deluge does not sell any ad space, hence it is ad free. Also, you don’t need to install any additional plug-ins to this torrent client.

torrent client for mac

Deluge, is more of what the torrent community desires, as it focus more on features like, password protection, private downloads, setup schedule and bandwidth options.

Since its hiatus, Deluge has returned, ever stronger and with a buzz. The interface now has a minimalist design with great performance. Also, now Deluge is supporting more varieties of plug-ins that enhances the overall experience. Some of these plug-ins can help you with labelling, notifications and more.

Download Deluge

Other Mac Torrent Software to Consider

You can also find other torrent clients for Mac on the internet, though they might not be free like the aforementioned torrent software. Like BitLord, Xtorrent, which a good client but it cost around $25 for it to remove any restrictions regarding download speed.

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Let us know in the comments which is the best torrent client for Mac?