Download iOS 7 for iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPod touch, iPad [links]

Download iOS 7

Today at WWDC 2013 Apple announced the next generation of the most popular mobile platform for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Download the latest beta version of iOS 7 to try it today.

iOS 7 has a fully redesigned interface: "Flat" application icons, changed font and wallpaper in the "Weather" app, new animations, modified "Calendar" app, "Messages", "Mail", "Photo" and "Game Center".

Apple iOS 7 Features

Updated Safari browser: it features a "parental control", "Smart Search", new tabs views and bookmarks. In addition, the new operating system is able to keep track of which applications are being used less frequently.

iOS 7 Download links

IOS 7 allso support AirDrop - wireless technology sharing files via Wi-Fi network, which previously worked only on your Mac. AirDrop owners will be able to use this amazing iOS 7 feature on iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, and iPod touch 5G. Read our separated article about top 10 iOS 7 features.

Apple iOS 7 Introducing Video

iOS 7 Supported Devices

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5G

iOS 7 Beta Basebands:

  • iPhone 4 – Baseband 04.12.06
  • iPhone 4 CDMA – Baseband 3.0.04
  • iPhone 4S - Baseband 4.3.01
  • iPhone 5 - Baseband 4.14.01

Down't forget to read our full iOS 7 Unlock Review

Update #1:

Apple releases iOS 7.0.2 to fix Lock screen bug. You can go here to Download iOS 7.0.2

Download iOS 7 Final IPSW

Download IOS 7 GM (Golden Master) IPSW

Download IOS 7 Beta 6 IPSW

Download iOS 7 Beta 5 IPSW

Download iOS 7 Beta 4 IPSW

Download iOS 7 Beta 3

To Download iOS 7 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, as well as any other beta release can only done if you have an Apple developer account. If you are a developer, then download the iOS 7 beta 3 from Apple's Dev Center. If you are not a developer, download Apple iOS 7 from our downloads page here.

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Emil Irimia

this will be such a pain on the iphone 4g .... it looks like it eats A TON of battery and consumes A TON of resources

Kamran Mackey

It doesn't, actually.

Mike Castillo

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Emil Irimia

well.. can you tell me how much ram does the system consume? for example, my iOS 5.0.1 with a ton of cidya tweaks eats about 240-250 mb of RAM

Kamran Mackey

Way less than iOS 5, that's for sure.

Emil Irimia

thank you, would prefer actual numbers but this is close enough


i have factory unlocked iphone 4 ios 6.1.3 if i update to ios 7 will i lose my factory unlock?

Mike Castillo

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Registered INSTANTLY

PayPal is accepted only!

Suhaib Ahmad

i am on x sim iphone 4s , should i update to ios 7 ?

Alex Barcan

get rid of that shit jailbreak that runs on ios5 ... the os is outdated, and the jailbreak has major battery issues to begin with, ive been on ios7 without locking the screen on a 4s for about 40minutes now and only lost 3% :)

Dragan Jovanovski

How can i update to ios 7 if i don't have developer account?

Emil Irimia

yet you still didn't let me know how much RAM iOS7 uses, also i have a 2-3 day battery life with wifi allways connected, skype calls and some music, but no sim in the phone

Emil Irimia

why not wait for an official release?

Suhaib Ahmad

ok will wait, thnx


Yes, you can update. Just use the Shift + Restore option in iTunes.


i have iphone 5 with iOS 6.1.4, if i update to iOS is there any way i could downgrade to previous version .


I had 4.14.01 on my iphone 5 until i have done step 3. now i have 3.04.25. How can i change my firmware back to 4.14.01?

Felippe Percigo

Hey, I did everything that prince said, and it dosent work.... It apper like, "We're unable to complete your activ..."

What should i do ? :/


if you stuck before the activation for ios 7 on your device, you can restore to ios 6.1.4 :)

Mukesh Patel


Prince Bhatnagar

hi bro
if u wanna back to ios 6.1.4
then put your device in dfu mode
connect to itunes (shift+restore)window
browse for ios 6.1.4 press ENTER
but i dont know this process will downgrade your baseband or not from 4.14.01 to 3.04.25


Prince Bhatnagar

HI bro..
Its possible to downgrade modem firmware from 4.14.01 to 3.04.25

follow steps:-

To downgrade your firmware from iOS 7 beta to iOS 6.1.3, do the following:

Step 1: Download the iOS 6.1.3 (or 6.1.4 for the iPhone 5) to your desktop

Step 2: connect your iOS device running iOS 7 beta to your computer.

Step 3: open iTunes, select your device, and option+click (shift+click in Windows) on the Restore button.

Step 4: point to the firmware you downloaded in step 1.

Step 5: watch as your device restores back to iOS 6.1.3 successfully.

Note: keep in mind that you may only downgrade to
the latest publicly available firmware for iOS on an A5 device, even if
you have SHSH blobs saved. For older devices like the iPhone 4, you may
be able to downgrade to lesser firmware if you happen to have your SHSH
blobs saved.
So there you have it, an extremely simple method for downgrading back
to iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 No tricks or special techniques required. What do you
think? If you’re running iOS 7, would you consider downgrading back to

iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4

Prince Bhatnagar

follow steps
1-download itunes 11.4

2-latest ios for your device

3-ios 7 beta

4-restore your device to latest firmware via itunes (shift+restore in windows) browse for latest ios press Enter
when completed follow step 5

5-(shift+update) browse for ios 7 beta and press enter

its works for me....


Prince Bhatnagar

hi bro
if u wanna back to ios 6.1.4
then put your device in dfu mode
connect to itunes (shift+restore)window
browse for ios 6.1.4 press ENTER
This process will downgrade your baseband from 4.14.01 to 3.04.25


Prince Bhatnagar

ios 7 beta download link...


Prince Bhatnagar

use shift + update option.
dont press shift + restore if u wanna install ios 7 beta

only press shift + restore when u wanna downgrade from ios 7 beta to 6.1.3/6.1.4


Suhaib Ahmad

anybody tried with xsim or gevey ?


DO NOT RESTORE ....Press Shift and UPDATE .yes you need to have ios 7 file


if u are factory unlocked u can always update. and u never loose ur unlock! its always safe


my phone is updated but i have to activate it and it wont let me unless i sign up for development center and it wont let me restore back to the old update! someone help asap

Budz Camacho

anyone has the beta version for ipad mini?

Budz Camacho

where is the download link for the ipad mini?


Tried it and its good, however ebay and skype crashes (these are the two apps so far)! Some apps are okay anyways!


what is the different between iPhone 5 (A1429) and iPhone 5 (A1428) .
I'm using iPhone 5 32GB. please tell me which one is support for my iPhone 5 32GB


Here's the pic how to determinate your iPhone 5 model.

John Doncon

I get iOS 7 for my iPhone from this site"
This software is amazing !




Hai, I already upgrade to ios 7, suddenly i hit restore..Now my phone cannot activate, what can i do?

Ajee Bin Hussain

just restore with 6.1.3

Ajee Bin Hussain

restore with latest ios6 like 6.1.3

Ajee Bin Hussain

DO NOT RESTORE ....Press Shift and UPDATE .yes you need to have ios 7

Ajee Bin Hussain

DO NOT RESTORE ....Press Shift and UPDATE .you need to have ios 7

John Doncon

I get iOS 7 for my iPhone from this site


This software is amazing !


Update #1: Follow this tutorial to install iOS 7 without UDID


Can i update to ios 7 if my build is 3.04.25

Nippu Nifras

Hi i am using apple 5 A1429 model with X sim unlock
Now i ask to u ios7 will be update
Then x sim work for ios7


Please read the article!




I have an new iphone 5 with latest update, does it have to be jailbroken to download iOS7 or no?


i hate it it sucks butthole


I'm downloading the ios7 beta 2 for 4s after dowloading it'd automatically go to the itunes and after connecting my phone it'd update or do I have to get my phone jailbroken?


my ipod stucked while updating to ios 7 and the screen is not working


dear ios is not working properly until you not Register your UDID , it's beter to downgrade ios 6.1.3 for iphone 4s and 6.1.4 for iphone 5


from where you download ios 7 ?

Sagar Chopra

i forgot my apple id and now when i restoring my phone i phone 5, in activation it is asking ur phone is linked with that id i dont rem pls help how should i activate my phone


nice update

Dieago Gervasi

Hi do i need to first load ios beta 1 before beta 2, im tryinto load beta 2 but keep getting error message firmware no compatible


I am stuck on the apple logo. The circle where it looks like it's processing and then going to show up the home screen, but goes back to the apple logo. I've reset my phone and tried everything, and when I click the shift + update or restore it will not allow me to. It says the iphone cannot be updated because the firmware file was corrupt.


the software is downloading as a .dmg instead of an .ipsw and my computer cant open or change it..
how do i change the file type?

Prashant singh

i m also having same problem....
Can Somebody help me..??

Brandon Weber

Put it in dfu mode

David Roizenman

Hello Sagar,
I see you are having trouble remembering your Apple ID's password, please go to https://iforgot.apple.com/iForgot/iForgot.html in order to reset your account, if you have forgotten your Apple ID please call Apple Support at 1-800-MY-APPLE and they'll be more than happy to assist you.



downloading as a dmg help


i used 7zip to convert it.. but still d files r nt recognized by d apple update thing.. help


i used 7zip to convert it.. but still d files r nt recognized by d apple update thing.. help pls


used ibooty to boot ios7




yes, i tried gevey so far its good



Udit Thilakarjah

it says firmware not compatible? Help!


why is my firmware incompatible with my device?i have an iphone 5 with firmware 3.04.25 and i cant get to install ios 7 why


I have an iphone4 BB 04.11.08 softbank (unlocked and jailbroken), and currently running iOS 5.0.1. can i download the iOS7 for it?? will i face any problem??


Downloading as a DMG help my pc cant open the BS mac file


It says activation error!!! What do i do?? Plz help


Please follow our step by step guide to Install iOS 7 beta on your iPhone


amazing just got it for my ipad and phone both work good and not at all slow


hope beta 4 will be out soon.. cant wait.


beta 4... when will you be here? #getting impatient...

Budz Camacho

Beta 4 available via OTA.


Can we update OTA? Without the developers whatsoever?


Beta 4 plz... ;(


Go to this link to download iOS 7 Beta 4


use transmac or 7zip


On my Iphone 5 works perfectly..I like it


hey there! i always get error 3194. how will i fix this?
i got latest itunes and ios 6.1.4
i'm trying this on my iphone A1429 (62 gb)
Anyone? please. :(


hey! why cant the iPod 4 get ioS 7?


I cant figure this out either.

Harrin Rayut

how :(


Is this the final version...well I expected a little more from ios 7.. I m disappointed may because I have iphone 4 with ios 7


Ya D: