Download iOS 7.0.6 iPSW for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Download iOS 7.0.6 IPSW

The whole iOS universe waits for the public release of iOS 7.1; meanwhile Apple has released iOS 7.0.6 to the public few hours ago. It has only been a month since Apple seeded iOS 7.0.5 firmware, which also introduced a lot of bug fixes for new iPhone models.

As of now, the iOS 7.0.6 is accompanied by the build 11b651 and contains an SSL connection verification fix.

iOS 7.0.6 Release notes:

Download IOS 7.0.6

iOS 7.0.6 addresses the following issues pertaining to security according to support document:

  1. It’s available for iPhone 4 later models, iPod 5G and iPad 2 and later models.
  2. Security of data
  3. The impact – a hacker that was in a privileged position on a network could modify the data in SSL/TLS protected sessions.
  4. The authenticity of the connection failed to be validated by secured transport. The restoration of missing validation steps fixed the issue.

Jailbreak status for iOS 7.0.6

At this point, we can’t say whether it is safe to update to this firmware for jailbreakers, so we recommended staying away until there is any sort of confirmation. We expect an update on the status from the jailbreak community very soon.

iOS 7.0.6 Jailbreak Status

Evad3rs MuscleNerd says that it is best not to upgrade at the moment, but the team will try to release a new evasi0n7 jailbreak tool as the security update looks to be a big one.

Here are the iOS 7.0.6 direct IPSW download links:

Apple also released iOS 6.1.6 in iOS 6 featuring a similar bug fix.

The iOS 6.1.6, on the other hand, is accompanied by the build 10b500. The latter is only for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G. The updates can be made through connecting your device to iTunes, through Settings –> General –> Software Update or simply over the air.

If you do update to iOS 7.0.6, let us know any changes or improvements you experience in the comments section.

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