Users of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, PCs and multimedia players downloaded more than 25 billion applications from the online App Store since its launch (more than 3 years ago).

The online software store – App Store is the largest service of its kind, App Store was launched in the summer of 2008.

Now his range is more than 550,000 Apple iOS applications.

The download meter was launched on February 18th on the main site The user who made the 25-billionth download, (not yet been announced), win $ 10,000 gift card from Apple.

By tradition, the winner will receive a cash prize in the form of an iTunes gift card with the required amount, with this money winner can purchase content in the Apple Store.

But we expect that this number will grow extremely when will be released iPad 3 and iPhone 5. What do you think? Are the number on the end of this year will exceed the number of 40 billion downloads from the online App Store?