AirPods are of great importance, and there are different kinds of AirPods are introducing in the market. There is no doubt that the cost of AirPods is high and that’s why you need to protect these in-ear devices to use them for a long time. So, you should get the best AirPods cases to protect your Apple AirPods. It will protect your AirPods and would also increase the shine and life of your such devices.

best airpods cases

8 Best AirPods Cases You Should Buy in 2018

As a result, you can happily and easily use the best AirPods cases without any disturbance or worry. So, let’s have a look at the following details of best cases for the protection of your AirPods.

1. EloBeth for AirPods Case, Premium Genuine Leather Protective Cover

This is a best slim leather pouch for your AirPods charging case. Its design is fabulous, and it is just slim to give you better management and use handling. There is a special cover flap, and its interior comes with a microfiber lining. This provides easy slips of the cases, and you can easily fix the cover cases.

airpods case

There is also an excellent cut which is designed for the Lightning charging port. The edges of this pouch have its fine cuts, and it also gives this cover a superb look. You can buy this case for your AirPods at the cost of $6.88.

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2. Elago – AirPods Hang Case

This is one of the best slip covers for your precious AirPods. This is a Silicon made case which you can use to put your AirPods in it to protect from scratches. The material is of high quality, and its design and color are also attractive.

airpods case cover

It has a unique cutout for Lightning charging port and a small indent on the backside which allows you to get access to Bluetooth pairing button easily. You can buy this unique case in just $9 to $11.

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3. CaseSack – Travel Protection Case for Airpods

This is another one of the best protective cases for your AirPods. This a hard body and excellent quality case which can give your AirPods with real protection in all situations. Its hard outside body allows you to bring your AirPods everywhere within CaseSackAirPods Travel Hard Case.

airpods protective case

There are many other benefits of using this particular case and you will never disappoint on your choice. You can buy this case in multiple colors at the cost of $13.

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4. Lunies – Leather Protective Charging Cover for Apple AirPods

This is a specially designed case which provides your AirPods a look resembles the keychain. According to the manufacturer, this special case can help you to take your Airpods everywhere in a most secure way. Because of the unique design of this case, you will never forget to bring your AirPods with you. You can quickly attach this case with your bags, or belt loops using its cutout which is at its backside.

airpods hard case

There is a special cutout for the lightning port, and its cover entirely flaps with snap closure. At the backside of this cover case, you can easily access to the Bluetooth pairing button. The cost of this case is only $9.99.

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5. YOMETOME AirPods Silicone Case

This case for your AirPod is made of rubber and provides you full grip while you are working with your AirPods. Its design is shock-absorbing, and it can protect your AirPods from all kinds of bumps.

airpods silicone case

There is also a built-in headphone rope in this case which allows you to track your headphones easily. You are free to choose this case in any of six colors and buy it at the cost $9.

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6. Rbaysale AirPods Accessories Set

This is another case in the list of best cases for your AirPods. This case has its own design, and it is made of silicone. It can protect your AirPods from every kind of unwanted thing. Its velcro strap across the front is very useful to keep flap securely closed. You can clip this case with you whenever you are going to anywhere in a speed. Therefore, you would not need to take care of this case specially.

airpods carrying case

In short, it is a small perfectly designed case which allows you to protect your AirPods in the best way but there are no cuts out in this case. It means you will need to take the AirPods case out from this case when you want to charge it or want Bluetooth access. You can buy this silicone case in multiple colors at the cost of $6.99.

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7. Native Authority – Premium AirPods Protective Case for Apple AirPods

It is a perfect case to help you to protect your AirPods. Its size is small, and you can easily carry it with yourself anywhere. It is lightweight, compact, entirely designed and you can comfortably fit it in your pocket.

case for airpods

It is completely safe, and you can open and close its zip to put your Airpods in it in a secure way. The price of this case is $10.50 and choose it to use your AirPods for a long time.

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8. Moretek Silicone Protective Airpods Accessories Cases

This is one of the best AirPord cases which can protect your device from all scratches and other dirt effects. Its design is slim, and it is made of silicone. This case can give you the perfect balance of protection thanks to the impact of the elastomers.

apple airpod case

Now you can easily protect your AirPods from accident drop, scratches and against bumps. The cost of this Marotek silicone case is only $8.99.

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We hope that you liked our list of the best AirPods cases. If you use AirPods charging case let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.