Are your AirPods full of dirt? Experiencing charging issues or unclear sound? Here’s how you can clean your AirPods & remove the wax, gunk and other debris out of it.

clean apple airpods

The W1 Chip

There are small components that deliver the functionality of AirPods. The custom W1 chip is one of them; it maintains wireless connectivity, regulates sound, and maintains wireless connection. Be gentle in cleaning so that you don’t end up damaging the W1 Chip.

Safe Way to Clean Your AirPods

Use a tool that don’t damage the AirPods inside and doesn’t do an electric charge. Avoid using paperclips and toothpicks, as well as items like aerosol sprays and solvents because they might deliver moisture inside the AirPods openings.

Using a small anti-static brush and a microfiber cloth is the best way to clean AirPods. When you begin, start wiping the AirPods down with microfiber cloth. Use the anti-static brush if more debris are still stuck inside.

clean airpods

Anti-static brushes may not be familiar to you, but they’re frequently used by Apple Store’s technicians; they can be purchased on Amazon for as low as $5. But if there’s no access to anti-static brush or you’re from a country where you can’t access Amazon to buy this item, the option of using a Q-tip and a brand new toothbrush is also available to clean the gunk from your AirPods.

The AirPods Are Brand New

After you’ve performed all the previous steps, your AirPods will appear as brand new. That is a necessity as AirPods are expensive, and you should do whatever you can to protect this investment of yours. We’ve just explained all the process to clean the AirPods in the safest and the best possible manner. Thanks for reading articles on Unlockboot. Feel free to share this piece or leave a comment below if you want to ask any questions from us.