We’re only a few hours away from one of the greatest product release. iPhone 5 is going to be introduced today at 10:00 am. That is the local time of the place for the iPhone 5 keynote.

iphone 5 keynote time

When will be started the iPhone 5 keynote?  This article will inform you on what time will iPhone 5 keynote start in your city and country. Keep reading for more info!

Recently, Apple confirmed the release date of their keynote event on September 12th. The actual media event announcements were branded by “it’s almost here” and also the number “5” shadow at the bottom part – displaying the launch of the next-gen iPhone — iPhone 5.

Find out the time when the iPhone 5 media keynote will start in your city

Iphone 5 release time zone
iPhone 5 release time sorted by cities

Live Apple iPhone 5 Keynote – Official Presentation [Livestream]

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iPhone 5 with 2x faster A6 processor & 2x faster graphics

iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen size – confirmed

Official new iPhone name: iPhone 5

iPhone 5 picture – Official

2 minutes before the official iPhone 5 Keynote

5 minutes before the official iPhone 5 Keynote

30 minutes before the official iPhone 5 Keynote

iPhone 5 will come with a 4-inch display,  new design, 4G LTE, iOS 6 and many other unconfirmed features. Are you currently pumped up about the iPhone 5?