The iPhone 5 was unveiled a few days ago. Here are the first Geekbench results for the sixth-generation iPhone brought to you buy 9to5mac. The total score was 1601. Before this, no iDevice has crossed the 800 mark, including the iPad.

iPhone 5 benchmark

However, these results may not hold true as the iPhone 5 hasn’t been released public yet. But considering its 9to5mac, it’s really possible.

You might be wondering if there’s any other smartphone that can match this score. Yes, the biggest rival of iPhone 5 – Samsung Galaxy S3, has a score of 1588. There were recent talks that Apple designed the A6 chip themselves partially. If that’s true, there may come a time when they start creating their own CPUs for Macs.

iPhone 5 Benchmark test

A6 iPhone 5 benchmark
iPhone 5 Geekbench Score

Now as many of you already have an iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, MacRumors decided to create an inforgraphic that compares the Geekbench results between the upcoming iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.

iPhone 5 benchmark test galaxy s3

Result information

As can be seen from the image above, the iPhone 5 surpasses it’s the previous versions in every way. Let’s just hope these Geekbench results hold ground when the actual device hits the market. Most of you would like a powerful device wouldn’t you?