iTunes Error 50 – Know how to fix this error. iTunes unknown Error 50 is pretty common like the iTunes Error 53 issue. Every computer user with iTunes installed and regularly functioning might have encountered this trouble at least once. Even though iTunes claims this error to be ‘Unknown’, this isn’t really much of a big deal.

The iTunes error 50 occurs usually when iTunes can’t connect to its database server and the synced apps, music and other contents are not being able to show up on the software interface. Internet connectivity error is mostly the cause for iTunes unknown Error 50 to occur but there could be few other reasons as well.

itunes error 50

Details about iTunes Error 50 Code

iTunes is the computer hub for Apple devices ranging from tiniest iPods to the largest iPad Pro in the market. Apps, music, video etc. could be purchased on either the device itself or via iTunes and later on synced to the device by connecting the Apple device to a computer. The file list on iTunes keeps synced with the contents stored on the Apple devices. Hence, on every launch iTunes need to connect to the internet to sync data with the user’s Apple devices.

itunes unknown error 50

iTunes error 50 – iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode

iTunes Error 50 mostly occurs when the purchased contents list can’t be refreshed. A sloppy internet connection may just time out while iTunes tries to connect to its central database, or a connection between Apple servers and iTunes might not be formed at all for some network glitch. When this happens, the sync and download on iTunes would fail resulting in Error 50 – Unknown error occurred.

How to Fix iTunes Unknown Error 50 When Restore or Update iPhone

Unfortunately there isn’t a one-click patch to resolve the error 50 problem on iTunes since the problem is not actually caused by a bug inside iTunes. It’s either with the internet connection or some network settings on a router or a computer which blocks iTunes from connecting to the Apple servers. One of the methods below should work for you:

  1. Try Other USB Port – Disconnect the device from the current usb port and connect it to other usb port. Wait for iTunes to detect the device and try to restore it.
  2. Re-install iTunes – iTunes could have been installed on your computer with a faulty network settings, or files may could get corrupted as well. Re-installing iTunes would solve all these troubles, it is advised that you download the latest iTunes version from Apple’s website and install it.
  3. Check Firewall/Antivirus Settings: Many firewalls or antivirus programs would block any incoming or outgoing traffic via a suspicious program. Unless defined otherwise, iTunes is not supposed to be listed as a suspicious program but user might still check the blocked software list, just in case. iTunes shouldn’t be in the barred list in order to work properly.
  4. Clean Registry – Registry could be a major reason why iTunes show error 50. iTunes registry on Windows OS could go wrong about the settings, or might just get corrupt and result in showing Error 50. In such a case, all other fixes might prove worthless.
  5. Check Network Connection – Check router settings, whether it’s blocking any port that iTunes uses. Similarly, check if any similar blocking settings are applied on your computer.
  6. Sim Card problem – Just remove the sim card from the device and try to restore it via iTunes without sim card.
  7. Baseband problem – If you used GEVEY sim before, your baseband chip need to be replaced.

Update 1: We recommend you to try a DFU restore to recover your device. To do put your device in DFU mode, follow our step-by-step guide here.


Quite annoying and confusing, but this error 50 is still easy to get rid of by doing these steps. If you can’t resolve the error by following the methods above, we recommend you to visit the nearest Apple Authorized Service Provider.