iPad 3 Body and Components

The long-awaited iPad 3 tablet will be presented to the public next week. As usual, Apple jealously ensures that information about the new product is not leaked to the press ahead of time.

Despite this, the Chinese website MIC Gadget was in possession of the components of the iPad 3 – back cover and aluminum white front panel.
Previously, MIC bloggers are published iPad 3 photos next to the iPad 2, which suggests that in addition to more obvious sharpening the edges and adding 1 mm thickness, the design of the next “pill” remained virtually unchanged. In other words, some accessories and cases can be accommodated under the new iPad 3.

Video Demonstration of iPad 3 Components:

The lens of the main camera became larger, which confirms the rumors of increasing the resolving power of up to 5 or 8 megapixels. According to MIC Gadget, iPad 3 will retain the options available with 16, 32 and 64 GB of internal memory. Upgrade to 128 gigabytes is not expected. Rumors of Retena Super-Display with 2048 × 1536 resolution and Siri support also been confirmed.

We hope you would be satisfied with this iPad 3 features ?