iPhones are truly one of the smartest gadgets on earth and the most streamlined and made-easy device that everyone can use. However, despite being so user-friendly the iPhones often tend to fall into ridiculous problems. All of these trouble usually occur for a specific reason, either caused by the user or by the iPhone itself but solving these trouble get on the user’s nerves. When an iPhone user tries to read a new voicemail on iPhone, the phone might return an error that says visual voicemail is currently unavailable.

visual voicemail is currently unavailable

Fix Visual Voicemail is Currently Unavailable on iPhone Error

Usually, the “visual voicemail is currently unavailable” issue is caused by network operator’s glitch. Maybe the network is just slow, or you could be in a poor coverage area, or it’s just an unknown network trouble. Whatever it is, there are few trial and error methods which could help you to resolve the issue.

Solution 1: Check Cellular Data

The first prerequisite for the iPhone voicemail to work is to have the cellular data connection on. The service is provided through cellphone internet, preferably 3G and if cellular data is turned off, no data can be transmitted through or received at the device. Hence, the error ‘visual voicemail is currently unavailable’ would show up. To check the if the cellular data toggle switch is turned on, go to Settings -> Cellular Data -> On.

visual voicemail unavailable

Also, take note that you might need to be subscribed to a data plan offered by your network. Without having a data plan subscribed, the network might refuse to send data to your iPhone. If visual voicemail not working again, contact with your network provider if you are unsure.

Solution 2: Check Airplane Mode

Similarly, having the airplane mode turned on could restrict data transmission from your iPhone to the network provider’s towers. Airplane mode is usually turned off on every mobile phone by default, however if you have turned on this mode accidentally or forgot to turn on after you have come out of some cellphone restricted zone, you would be missing out your visual voicemails and your iPhone will show the error mentioned.

visual voicemail unavailable iphone 7

Some sensitive areas put a barrier on cellphone networks e.g. important installments, military zones etc. If you are one of these zones, the network restriction could be the reason why your iPhone is giving you the error ‘visual voicemail is currently unavailable’. There’s nothing to worry.

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Solution 3: Reset Network Settings

If none of the above fits your case, everything you have on your iPhone is perfect and even the network settings, then probably your iPhone needs a new set of network settings. The easiest way of getting rid of the previous settings is to reset the network settings on your iPhone, there’s a dedicated option for that.

visual voicemail unavailable iphone

Open Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Tapping on this option will show a prompt to the user whether they really want to reset the network settings, tap the red ‘Reset Network Settings’ button at the bottom of the screen again. Note that, all your network SSIDs and passwords will be deleted and you shall have to manually input all the passwords of the networks you connect to again.

Conclusion: The steps mentioned above are escape-ways from error ‘visual voicemail is currently unavailable’. If the problem still persists, you should take your iPhone to an authorized Apple service center.

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