Apart from being a smartwatch, the Apple Watch is also a fitness tracker. It tracks a lot of health aspects very precisely like how many steps you walk, how many flights of stairs you take, how many glasses of water and how many of hours you sleep every night. These data can help a person to keep up with healthy practices, one biggest selling point of the Apple Watch. Scroll down to see our list of the best exercise apps for Apple Watch and download them on your iWatch today.

exercise apps for apple watch

The Apple health and fitness apps are quite good, however they aren’t as detailed as one might expect. For the more enthusiast people, there are plenty of great third party apps and we have reviewed a few.

Best 5 Health and Exercise Apps for Apple Watch

Doesn’t matter which generation of the Apple Watch you have, these apps are compatible with them all. However, having the latest generations offer the convenience of water and dust resistance. Below are the best exercise apps for Apple Watch to install right now.

#1: Sworkit – Custom Workouts for Exercise & Fitness

workout app for apple watch

Currently, the best fitness app for iPhones is the Sworkit app. For planned workouts and prolonged programs of weight losing or muscle building, the Sworkit app has built in programs and events. For customized exercises and weight-loss plans, a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 is required. However, Sworkit can’t perform as a standalone app on the Apple Watch, user needs to carry their iPhone with them as well.

#2: 8fit – Workouts, meal plans and personal trainer

exercise app for apple watch

The best fitness award in the Apple App Store for 2016 has gone to the 8Fit app. A digital personal trainer app is supposed to take care of every health aspect of an individual, and that’s what 8Fit does through the integration of health data collection and analysis on the Apple Watch. 8Fit is free for initial download, but there’s a yearly subscription that costs $59.99/year and this unlocks all the premium features. 8Fit can pretty much eliminate the need of going to the gym every day!

#3: 7 Minute Workout – Free Daily Fitness Routines

apple watch workout app

The 7 Minutes Wahoo app is provided in App Store for free downloading, and to unlock all the premium features user needs to pay one-time $1.99 fee. However, this is indeed a limited feature app unlike a lot other on the App Store. Only 12 exercises are provided for the Apple Watch users and the interface is pretty boring – it lacks motivation. However, for a lost cost alternative 7 Minutes Wahoo is good enough.

#4: Seven – 7 Minute Workout app for Apple Watch

workout challenge app for apple watch

The Seven app has wonderful interfaces for both the Apple Watch screen, and an iPhone screen. All the features are laid out pretty nicely – workouts, challenges and motivations, calorie generation and consumption by your body etc. It tracks your bodily activities and sleeps and generate a comprehensive stat graph of what’s going on underneath. The service charge for Seven is $4.99/month.

#5: 7 Minute Workout Challenge

workout app for iwatch

Not to be mixed with Seven, that and 7 Minute Workout Challenge are very different apps. Unlike many others, it’s not free for download – the price is $2.99 and then you can download your favorite workouts for $1.99/each. That could be economic if you are looking for an app specialized on some sort of specific training. Otherwise, you may have to look elsewhere. Speaking of UI and functionality, the 7 Minute Workout is a great app!

Conclusion: These are the 5 exercise apps for Apple Watch available right now. Through constant updates and bug fixes, all these are getting better every moment.