Getting late for an important conference but your car’s dashboard just gave off sound? Of course, everyone can face an issue like this, but issues like these are easy to avoid if there’s a car maintenance app on your iDevice. The right app allows iPhone owners to keep all record of their maintenance history, and receive alerts at the ideal time. That way, these apps enable you to plan your meeting with the mechanic rather than requiring you to push the vehicle to get it started because you didn’t address battery issues at the right time.

car maintenance apps for iphone

Best Car Maintenance iOS Apps to Download from App Store

With that in mind, here’s a list of the best car maintenance apps for an iDevice.

1. AutoCare by iDevMobile Tec.

car maintenance apps for ipad

iDevMobile Tec.’s AutoCare app will give you a chance to relax as it does a great job at maintaining schedule stores as well as service and fuel records. Additionally, a backup of car’s records can be stored in iCloud. AutoCare supports several vehicles, so you can also use it for maintaining other vehicles you might own. You can download it for $2.99.

Download AutoCare Now

2. Vehicle Logbook & MPG – Fuel Tracking and Maintenance App

auto maintenance app for iphone

Tinker built’s Vehicle Logbook is pretty unique because not only is it efficient, its interface is highly impressive. It can support 15 vehicles, so users can track the maintenance of several cars in individual log books. Also, this app is quite easy to use, and with Dropbox integration, the record of 15 vehicles can be safely stored in the cloud. You can download this app for $6.99.

Download Vehicle Logbook

3. Car Minder Plus – Car Maintenance and Gas Log (MPG)

car maintenance app for iphone

This app helps users get the most out of their cars by identifying potential issues and recommending specialized fixes. Multiple cars are supported and multiple services for each vehicle can be managed individually. However, cloud storage isn’t present in this app. You can download it for $2.99.

You can Download Car Minder from App store.

4. Fuelly – Vehicle Maintenance [MPG, Mileage, Service]

car maintenance app for ipad

This app is developed by Fuelly, MPG, Mileage, Service, LLC. It allows users to keep track of multiple car maintenance jobs such as tire rotations and oil change. The app syncs with, making it easy to track a car’s fuel economy as well as maintain car maintenance records. You can download Gas Cubby for $5.99.

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5. mARFAX – Service History & Car Maintenance

best car maintenance app
The only free app on the list, myCARFAX works with iMessage, Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone. It helps keep iDevice users’ vehicles in top condition because it automatically showcases their vehicle’s service history. Additionally, it sends off notifications before the scheduled maintenance date. It’s a 5-star app that can be downloaded for free.

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With these apps installed, you’ll never face issues in your schedule. Feel free to let us know which one is your favorite.