Within the next few days Apple will be releasing sales figures from the past three months. These sales figures will of course include sales for the just released iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 Features Release date

It is widely believed that the company has sold over 12 Million iPads during this time, as well as 33 Million iPhones, which is no mean feat.

Bill Shope of Goldman Sachs believes that the iPhone 5 is the most important smartphone launch in Apples history. In fact he is predicting that Apple’s stock price will rise from $700 to $750 on the back of this information. The iPhone 4S had a fantastic array of features, although it came as a major disappointment to many of the techies out there. Many of us believed that there would be a major overhaul in the way it looked, but at the announcement of the phone it looked no different to the iPhone 4. In fact, it seemed rather rushed.

Of course however, the inclusion of Siri and being released around the holiday season still enabled the iPhone 4S to sell in record numbers. Apple are only able to get away with releasing a minor upgrade like this only once however, how many of us would go out and purchase an iPhone 4S? I am guessing not many of you would answer yes to that question.

Rumor iPhone 5 concept

The iPhone 4S has sold more models in the first 6 month period than any of the other previous iPhone Models. In fact the number of iPhones sold in the past 6 months outstrips by far the sales of any other iPhone models. This means that a great deal of people now own an iPhone. There is still a market out there however; many users still use the Android or Blackberry. Apple needs to find a way to pry these users away from what they know best, and the iPhone 5 is the best way to do this.

Investors are already becoming a little concerned about whether Apple can keep up its tremendous growth speed, and it seems the only way that the company can do this will be releasing a hit, the iPhone 5 is the only way it can really accomplish this. It is fair to say that a lot of pressure has been placed on Apple to do this.

The facts surrounding the iPhone 5 are currently unclear. Nobody knows the release date, although it is expected to drop in October. Nobody knows what it looks like, and nobody knows what features it may have. It is fair to say however, based on the previous history of Apple, it is safe to say that it will be innovative and incredibly impressive. In fact it will most likely set the bar higher than ever before. What do you think about iPhone 5?

  • Uka_82002

    Is Sam method still working or not? plz answer asap.

  • Joe

    no ! sam got patched read the other topics !

  • Ruslan

    Iphone 5 gonna be crap, as before, only slightly changes.

  • David

    I had wildcard activated on April 27. What is it’s meaning meaning?

  • David

    will there be a chance to update or alternative way to SAM?

  • H4cker

    Apple can introduce iphone5 to the market but with so many owners of the older iPhone who are stuck due to locking of the BB & firmware by apple it makes it harder to convince people. I think they need to start unlocking all the devices and let the owner of the product decide what we like to do. At this point there are millions of I-device users are unsatisfied because they’re not able to use their expensive product. Only way to cover the market segment is to let us owners of the product decide how we want to use this products.

  • Marcus

    If you are actually talking about unlocking, which would allow you to use it with any carrier, that is up to the company that you purchased it for. If you are meaning that you want to be able to customize it to however you want to suite your needs then just jailbreak your “old device”.