Finally, the day that many folks have been waiting for has come to fruition. Thousands of individuals online are searching for ways to unlock their iPhone 4, 4s, and 3GS.

Factory Unlock iPhone 4

Many people are powerfully motivated to unlock their iPhone by the burning desire to get lower carrier prices, better customer care, or simply because they need it for international use.

Unlock iPhone 4 Locked to AT&T Permanently via iTunes

Are you one of them? Well, then I have great news for you today. You can now factory unlock any AT&T iPhone, including iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 3GS running baseband 4.12.01 and 4.11.08. You can now factory unlock any AT&T iPhone, including in contract iPhones. Furthermore, you can factory unlock an AT&T iPhone running iOS 5, iOS 5.1, and iOS 5.1.1 Firmware. Sounds good? Great. The fun is not over yet. Here’s some more goodies.

Most iPhone users are stuck, but fortunately they’re getting out. What’s the problem they face? Many iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 users are stuck using unconventional unlocking methods such as gevey sim card (yes, I know, it drains the iPhone’s battery quite a bit), ultrasnow, and redsnow. But these old and obsolete unlocking “solutions” apparently create more problems than solutions, at least for many of the iOS 5.1.1 and baseband 4.12.01 or 4.11.08 iPhone users.

The issues these iPhone users face are absolutely real and numerous, but they all share one common thread. The common thread connecting cydia, gevey sim, redsnow, and ultrasnow is a severely downgraded iPhone user experience. Not to mention that neither of these “solutions” work on baseband 4.12.01 or baseband 4.11.08. Sadly, if you have an iPhone 4 or 4s chances are that you’ve already updated to baseband 4.12.01 or 4.11.08. In a nutshell, this means your out of luck. What are some of the problems iPhone users face (those not on baseband 4.11.08 or 4.12.01)?

Unlock iPhone 4

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4S

Firstly, some users reported that these methods drain the battery life of the iPhone to a considerable degree. Secondly, a few apps stop working altogether after unlocking with gevey sim and other popular unlocking solutions. To make matters worse, while you can’t go to jail for jailbreaking or unlocking your iPhone, it certainly will void your Apple warrantee. Ask yourself, is it worth it? What if you could permanently unlock any iPhone – no matter which iOS it’s running, no matter which baseband your on, and no matter which firmware your iPhone is attached to, without the fear of loosing your unlock once Apple updates the iPhone’s baseband, and without the fear of loosing your warrantee? Wouldn’t that be cool?

How to Unlock your iPhone 4 Permanently on any baseband

Of course it would! What if you could unlock any AT&T iPhone, including but not limited to the iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS? Wouldn’t that be nice? Fortunately you can. The good news is that it is now possible to factory unlock any AT&T iPhone and keep your iPhone unlocked permanently – forever. This means you could safely upgrade to the latest iOS (5.1.1), to the latest baseband (4.12.08), and to the latest firmware without loosing your unlock. Click Here to Unlock Your iPhone 4 / 4S.

Why to use this service to Unlock your iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 up to iOS 6.1

This unique service offers some very exciting rewards and is a dream come true for many iPhone users stuck on baseband 4.12.02, 4.12.01 & 4.11.08.

Firstly, it offers lighting fast iPhone unlocking solutions. You can get your iPhone 4s, 4, or 3GS unlocked as fast as 24 hrs. No shipping required. You need to give only your IMEI number. Secondly, your backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If we can’t unlock your iPhone, you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that. Did I forget to mention great customer service? Perhaps you’ll want more details on this new revolutionary AT&T iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S unlocking service. Here you go.

This AT&T iPhone unlocking service works on baseband 4.12.01 and 4.11.08. It doesn’t void your warranty and you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to get it done.

How does it work? It’s simple. All you need is to simply submit your iPhone’s IMEI number and wait until you get an email stating that your iPhone is unlocked. It’s that simple and that fast. Once you receive this email you connect your iPhone to iTunes and boom! Your done. Besides for working on the newest baseband 4.12.01 and baseband 4.11.08 it also works on iPhone 4s, 4, 3GS, 3G, and 2G. The only condition is that it has to be locked to AT&T.

Other than that if it’s an iPhone then chances are you can get it unlocked. This service has received rave reviews on one of the most popular online forums. Go here now to find out what people who got their AT&T iPhone 4 / 4s Unlocked are saying. You won’t regret it – Factory Unlock Your iPhone Now!

  • John f

    It works phone is unlocked on 5.1.1 and jailbroke these guys rock

  • Bettella

    Mine is not AT&T locked, it’s UK Vodafon locked 🙁

  • Hapontukin

    What About The Other Carrier Aside from AT&T?!

    Mine is LOCKED to KOODO from CANADA

    do you have any solution for this?!

  • flavio

    Hello I have an iphone 4 ios 5.1.1 baseband 04.11.08 Carrier: SFR FRA –
    Activation: 2010-07-03
    I would like to unlock for all carriers. is it possible?

  • joseperez5

    can you provide me with the site?

  • Denis Gava

    Algum brasuca ja fez este unlock?

  • cartermd

    Always AT&T for unlock but many people are the other operators and wait a phone unlocking

  • Luiza

    ainda não fiz, to esperando o pessoal testar hahaha

  • Raion

    My iPhone has a lock from Germany. does it work well?

  • Luiza

    I’ve paid butb haven’t got any email yet.

  • Miro Araújo

    Já tentei em outro site, não deu, eles devolveram o pagamento logo em seguida.

  • Antonio

    Denis, tem um testado a aprovado, feito ate por nos do Brasil, e pode confiar o cara bom mesmo.

  • Mike TW

    Email sent – I just got back from weekend

  • Ryley Corbin

    Hey i have an iphone 4 on telus, base band 4.12.01, can you unlock me?

  • Ryley

    can you unlock 4.12.01 on telus

  • Kidrockz You

    same here… UK lock, T3 locked…

  • onex

    mine is locked to fido

  • Me

    You can unlock SFR France?

  • dash

    how about 3huthcison sweden?

  • ram

    Hi mine is lithuanias Omnitel can you unlock it?

  • sonu

    how can trust, is there any thing like first i get my phone unlocked then i pay

  • constumer

    mine is o2 uk and i have not the sim card i will try sam method but it not work so plzz help me

  • Neko The mangaka sushi

    How about from Orange – Egypt? 🙁 please help! Lemme know. 🙁

  • VINO

    Mine is a locked iphone 4 from Virgin Australia. Unlock it?… How much do you charge

  • Mohamad

    would it work on telus 12.0 canada ??

  • Roman

    locked on slovakia t-mobile

  • Narciso cruz

    If you want to unlock you phone bring it to philippines any kind of phone can be unlock in philippines a lot of genius people in there.

  • jm moreno

    im using iphone 4 ios 6.1 4.12.01 is it unlock-able? thanks

  • Azdilaw

    it works for : iphone 4 , Baseband 4.12.01 , ios 5.1.1

    Operator : Orange France