The Apple Watch is an amazing piece of technology. It’s a watch like any other one might wear, but it’s a smartwatch equipped with top-notch modern technology and made with the most premium materials out there. The price tag it comes at is quite high, but once you get your hands on one you would get to know why an Apple Watch is very costly.

Force Restart Apple Watch

However, no man-made technology is truly error free and Apple Watch is no exception. Although Apple has put a lot of effort into making this product perfect, yet some developer apps might malfunction or some system feature could go bonkers and a restart of the Apple Watch may become evident.

But since the Apple Watch is a different platform than the original iOS ecosystem, most people don’t understand how in fact an Apple Watch is put through the restart process. Here we describe the procedures and also few words on common troubleshooting of the Apple Watch.

2 Ways to Force Restart Apple Watch

Both generations of Apple Watch look pretty much the same, and they come with a digital crown and a button on the same side the digital crown is. These two are the ways of interacting with an Apple Watch alongside its touch screen; however we would require these two buttons to restart an Apple Watch.

  1. Regular Restart: If you feel the Apple Watch is lagging or you can feel some sort of a stutter, or maybe you just need to restart the Apple watch for some reason – you might just turn the Watch off and turn it back on. Press and hold down the button in the side of the Apple Watch until ‘Power Off’ slider appears on screen and then drag this slider to the other side. After few seconds, turn the Apple Watch on again using the same method.
  2. Forced Reboot: If the Apple Watch is unresponsive and does not work as it intends to do, then doing a forced reboot might make things right again. Press down both the side button and the digital crown together for a long time, around 10 seconds and when the Apple logo shows up, let the buttons go.

Troubleshooting a Frozen Apple Watch

hard restart apple watch

Whatever problems you were having with the Apple Watch – if they intend to stay even after the rebooting, then you could try the following troubleshoots.

  • Delete last installed app: Did an app installation cause your iPhone to slow down and become unresponsive? If you doubt such a possibility then remove that specific app from your Apple Watch, or update that app to the latest version.
  • Reset Apple Watch: If nothing works to work well and you think about turning to a customer support center, try resetting the Apple Watch. Sometimes a hard reset could solve any ongoing hardware and software issues.

Conclusion: The solutions mentioned here have worked well with other Apple Watches out there and it should work with yours too. If it doesn’t then an Apple authorized Customer Support is always a good option.

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