There are lots of people who might think iPhone X price i.e. $999 is way too high or outrageous. Still, cell phones are available in the market in economical price and deliver high quality of interface and display. Therefore for consumer ease, we have prepared a list into two main categories. One is of Apple group and the other is Android. These are for those who want to move to Android and other for those who don’t want to leave Apple but they are not willing to spend $1000 dollars for iPhone X. Check out our list of the best iPhone X alternatives below.

best iphone x alternatives

Best iPhone X Alternatives

Alternatives of iPhone X in Apple’s, is very limited, due to company’s control over iron clad iOS ecosystems. You can save about $200 to $300 with the purchase of iPhone 8 Plus for $799 and iPhone 8 of $699. Apple introduced wireless charging and A11 new bionic chip features in iPhone 8 and over. With this bionic processor’s you can perform multi-tasks like web browsing, social media, messenger, and texting etc. with higher performance. However, the wireless charging feature was introduced the first time in iPhone 8, therefore you have to purchase wireless pad additionally for charging. But here we are saving money.

1. iPhone 7:

iphone x alternative phone

iPhone 7 costs $549 which is almost the half price of iPhone X. whereas you will not get bezel less full-length edge screen like iPhone X. But it contains elegant look with a high-tech display, user-friendly interface, and touch ID. If you want 12 MP dual rear cams, you can switch to iPhone 7 plus just by spending more $120. And iPhone 7 & 7 plus are almost identical to iPhone 8. The major difference in iPhone X is optical stabilization for images in both front and rear cameras.

2. iPhone SE:

iphone x alternative

Now if you still think, the price is high, you can switch to iPhone SE series, which only cost $350. Yes, these are less expensive and economical, and a third of the cost of iPhone X. Especially if you like smaller phones, then this is the best Apple series phone. In case you are planning to buy this SE series, you better hold it as soon Apple is expected to announce new phone is SE series with additional and better features.

Best iPhone X Alternatives with Android

Now let’s talk about the androids, there are lots of different brands with different features are available in the Android world. I think if you a huge competition you will see in this. But only a few are available in comparison of iPhone X. If you are ready to switch to the different operating system, you have to let go the entire Apple store purchased apps and iTunes data or you have to spend time transferring your data to the new system. Below are the best iPhone X alternatives with Android OS.

3. Samsung Galaxy S8:

best alternative to iphone x

Currently, the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 is soaring $600 to $700 in the market. This is very cheap as compared to iPhone X. However, available features include full-length magnificent bezel less display which currently one of the best display in the world. Facial recognition and iris also add up, but facial recognition feature is not secure as it is in iPhone X. Additional features available in Samsung Galaxy S8 is fingerprint scanner which is not available in iPhone X. You will also get USB-C port, head jacks with wireless charging pad additionally.

4. OnePlus 5:

best iphone x alternative

This phone is very sleek, smart and delicate frame like iPhone X. It has remarkable OLED screen which gives you excellent display, front fingerprint sensor, and dual rear and front cameras. Its price in the market is only $479, which is very economical. But in this price range, you won’t get water resistance and wireless charging features.

The OnePlus 5 cell phone is only for GSM compatible customers including T-Mobile and AT&T companies only. Folks on the sprint and Verizon should keep looking for any other available options in the market.

5. Moto G5 Plus:

iphone x vs moto g5 plus

If move to lower in the prices range then Moto G5 Plus is available in the market starting from only $219. This is the best budget cell phone in the market, where Apple cannot match this level. If you are Amazon member, and you don’t bother for seeing an advertisement on your lock screen, then you can get this phone as low as $185 on member’s phone program. Available features in G5 Plus are compatible with US carrier, headphone jack, essential version of Android, front fingerprint sensor, gesture control, and 5.2-inch display of the screen.

However, if you want a bigger screen with a 5.5-inch display of AMOLED screen and other mod support, Moto Z2 is available in the market starting from $408.

Contenders in Market:

There are lots of other good competitors available in the market and soon to be announced by the companies somewhere in October, which includes Google launching pixel and LG V30. Soon in fall, all discounts will be offered by companies especially the Pixel.

Therefore it’s clear if you don’t want to spend $1000 on iPhone X, then there are plenty of other options available in the market, which can be opted.