There are many many manufacturers creating lightning headphones for iPhone and iPad in 2018. The use of such headphones is continuously increasing due to its advantage over other usual headphones. There are many reasons behind this, and one of the most important is the easy use of lightning headphones. So today we are going to present you the best lightning headphones for iPhone and iPad.

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7 Best Lightning Headphones for iPhone and iPad

This kind of new headphones are specially designed and manufactured for iPhones and iPads, and you can directly insert the lightning jack into your iOS devices without the worrying about position. You can easily and quickly use these headphones with a lightning connector which is at their end, and there is no average old 1/8th-inch headphone jack. That’s why lightning headphone is better than usual headphones, and you can use it in any condition with an iPhone and iPad. In below, we are providing you complete details of the best lightning headphones for iPhone and iPad 2018.

1. Philips Fidelio M2L High Resolution Headphones for Apple iOS

Philips M2L is one of the first lightning headphones which are available to buy. The design and look of these earbuds are beautiful and attractive. You will enjoy high-quality sound because of its 40mm high magnetic intensity neodymium drivers which are connected to its lightning port.

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There is also a noise reduction feature which allows you to enjoy a sound without any disturbance. In short, you can use these Philips M2L headphones for your iPhone and iPads to enjoy powerful and clear great sound. The cost of these headphones is only $98.80.

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2. 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones Hi-Res Headphones

1More recently released triple Driver headphones and are favorite headphones of a lot of users around the globe. The company 1More releases new versions from time to time for different iPhones and iPads. These are triple driver microphones which are cheap, but the quality is unbeatable.

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There are triple drivers on both earpiece and these drivers ensure the clear sound with excellent quality. Its design provides full comfort, and you can surely use it for long durations of time. You can surely enjoy high-level bass using this 1More triple driver lightning headphones. The cost of these headphones is only $96.49.

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3. Beats Urbeats3 Earphones with Lightning Connector

UrBeats3 is another amazing lightning headphone for your iPhone and iPad. Its design is quite impressive, natural and comfortable for regular use. It maintains high sound quality and perfect bass.

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These headphones come with secure-fit wingtips and earbuds can be magnetically clipped when you are not using them. You have full control of on and off the playbacks, one single button control to take calls and resume the running sound.

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4. JBL Reflect Aware in-ear sports headphones with lightning

JBL Reflect Aware is a perfect headphone for music lovers and for those who love to use headphones several hours continuously. Its design is fantastic, and it fits best in the ears to provide you full comfort. Its design is especially famous for its sweat-proof feature. Its overall design and body structure are protective and of high quality. The sound quality of these headphones is top notch, and users love its bass power.

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When you put these earbuds on your ears, there is a tight seal in the ear canal which provides you high-quality sound experience without any noise. These headphones are also active noise canceling earbuds made for your iPhone 7. Another suitable feature is that its active noise canceling operation is directed and operated by your phone, it means there will be no disturbance of more charging or inline battery compartment. The cost of these headphones is only $96.

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5. Audeze iSine10 Lightning Headphones for iOS Devices

Audeze iSine10 is another affordable and amazing headphone having planar magnetic drivers in its construction. You will own a Lightning “Cipher” cable with your iSine10 earbuds which you need to attach with your phone’s Lightning port.

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These headphones deliver high-quality sound and also reduce the noise to increase your pleasure and provide you with a friendly experience. You will also get access to the dedicated app which is used to change the equalizer settings quickly. So, you can efficiently use these perfectly designed earbuds with amazing features for your iPhone and iPad. The cost of these headphones is only $349.00.

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6. Pioneer Rayz Plus – Noise Cancelling Earbuds – Lightning – Talk & Charge

Pioneer Rayz Plus headphones are best known for their built-in noise-canceling technology. This technology is beneficial to reduce noise and control the quality of the sound delivered. Using these headphones, you will be in touch with your surroundings and aware of the surrounding conditions. Another feature of this Pioneer Rayz Plus is that when you remove the lightning port from your phone, the running music/sound will automatically stop. It will automatically resume from the same point when you re-enter in your iPhone or iPad.

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Additionally, the best thing is that you can charge your phone even you are using these powerful headphones. There is also the option to use its convenience key for quick operations including mute the calls, open a music app, and adjust the settings of your headphones. Its cost is also affordable, and you will not disappoint on your choice. The price of these headphones is only $114.

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7. Libratone Q Adapt iPhone Lightning In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

Libratone Q Adapt in-ear is nice lightning headphone which uses power from the Lightning port and then powers its CityMix noise cancellation technology which is its plus point. With this headphone, you can control the noise of your surroundings because of the four varying levels of noise cancellation. You can allow some sound of your surroundings to know the surrounding situations or can also completely block the external noise.

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The design and look of these Libratone Q Adapt in-ear lightning headphones are also fantastic, attractive and you can easily use these earbuds as more as you need. These headphones do not harm your ears, and you can enjoy the loud fine quality sound at affordable charges. The cost of these headphones is only $149.

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So which lightning headphones did you liked the most? Please share your thought in the comment section below.