Dream of any iPhone user is screen with a 5-inch diagonal. But could this be reality ?

Inventors from the portal Kickstarter collect money for a special edition box MagniCase, which allows you to visually enlarge the diagonal of Retina-screen by 1.5 times to 5.3 inches.

MagniCase increase iPhone screan to 5.3 inches

The Special Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S can protect the device from bumps and scratches, and in addition contains a groove that holds the foldable Fresnel lens.
MagniCase increase iPhone screan to 5.3 inches

MagniCase gives your iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 a larger display

According to the MagniCase developer, a screen with a density of 326 pixels per inch, can provide a 1.5 times increase without noticeable loss of image quality. By default, the lens is set at 11 inches from the screen.

MagniCase in real life

MagniCase Real Functions

You can pre-order it from the MagniCase’s Kickstarter page with price of $ 25, retail price for the cover is $ 40, and one interchangeable lens – $ 10.

MagniCase video presentation:

At present, the idea is supported by 47 people who donated $ 4400. To start production of covers. MagniCase creators want to collect another $ 20,100 for 41 days. If they get it, the dream of many users of Apple phone will become a reality.