Analyst Brian White called the upcoming launch of iPhone 5 “the biggest event in the history of consumer electronics.”Judge made it clear that the release of the new smartphone from Apple is not just huge – it will be truly monumental.

iPhone 5

In his opinion, the new iPhone will turn back in the mobile market. In anticipation of the presentation, we present you few iPhone 5 images.

The images aren’t going to be a revelation to our readers, the technical features of the phone are the same, – moved down audio jack and scaled down dock connector.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 scaled down connector

The fact that the new iPhone will be a little longer and thinner, speak in one voice all sources. It seems that this is not in doubt. Because of the greater length of the diagonal of the screen iPhone 5 will be increased from 3.5 to 4-inches. As we can see on the photo, behind the smartphone is quite different from its predecessors.

iPhone 5 Real
iPhone 5 back

Instead of black (for white phone, respectively, white) panels full length phone – the metal lid, framed top and bottom strips in color phone. Note that the iPhone 5 pre-order will start few days after the presentation.

iPhone 5 prices won’t be increased — in comparison to its previous generation. Stay tuned to UnlockBoot to be up-to-date with latest iPhone 5 news.