Real iPhone 5 assembled concept

When it’s not the newest iPad, it’s for sure the rife rumor about the upcoming next-gen iPhone that’s keeping Apple inside the news all the time.

The device, which is considered to be receiving a longer screen, is likewise getting a grand quad-core processor, if a report from DigiTimes is usually to be taken as Gospel.

The blogosphere is now used to bring us DigiTimes coverage a little spiced up – primarily because lots of the big leaks come from unspecified sources, and so this newest report won’t break this lifetime habit.

The iPhone was credited as being the changing element of the modern-day smartphone, but after keeping the same ethos throughout with regards to screen size as well as general power (such as good quality, however, not eye-watering), it appears that Apple is currently playing catch-up with their rivals.

iPhone 5 with quard-core processor

A quad-core processor could be quite a bump from your current dual-core A5 chip offered with all the iPhone 4S, and would furthermore boast more power compared to the third gen iPad which, despite supplying quad-core graphics, remains only a dual-core A5X processor.

DigiTimes being DigiTimes haven’t changed a lot, I can’t say I really believe this one, especially since my own current iPhone 4S continues to run for several months, with numerous game titles and apps, yet without a great deal of lag, less than a second. I’m more tending to trust Tim Cook’s company will select the A5X once more, which would nevertheless be fast, and enable smooth gaming on the slightly larger display screen.

Of course, I really could be wrong, and with the fact that Apple is apparently pushing on the larger screen, a quad-core processor wouldn’t be described as a massive shock. Nonetheless, although the company generally seems to have gone with the flow in improving the display real-estate, a brand new chip exceeding the A5X would appear like an excessive amount of a leap, although also not expecting it to be particularly necessary.

iPhone 5 with 4-core A6 chip
A5 vs A6 Chip

Similar to almost all Apple products, we will find out more in the days before the announcement what the next iPhone – called the “iPhone 5” – will bring to us. Although LTE would appear a foregone bottom line given the iPad implementation, the only other point we’re able to presume with no doubt to become feature, is iOS 6, that has already been announced in the last month at WWDC 12.

Needless to say, we will inform you with anything we grab in the in the meantime, so stay tuned!