IPhone 5 release date

App4Phone.fr is a new French mobile technological site claiming a great inside information for iPhone 5 release date, citing as a reference one of several three largest Apple accessory producers.

That manufacturer company apparently received an improvement notice from Apple in the specifications and release timeframe, and they’ve distributed that information using App4Phone.

The new best-guess for the release date of iPhone 5 is September 21st. As August 7th attracts more detailed and closer, that will formerly rumored release date is hunting increasingly naive. Maybe lots of people are probably expecting it on September 21st, but definitely not out of their realm of possibility.

iPhone 5 Release Date Confirmed
Latest iPhone 5 Concept on the web

As they have this specific release date, App4Phone boasts they’ve got a number of specs. Most of the stuffs that we already discovered – the brand-new smaller 19-pin UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS connector, the headphone jack’s migration on the bottom of the product, and the lengthening in the screen. The one new tidbit is surely an exact measurement of the modern device’s length: 123.9mm. Your iPhone 4S can be 115.2mm, which has a 3.5-inch screen, so the screen for the iPhone 5 would likely measure 3.75 inches (considering it keeps a similar width, which can be what rumor would likely indicate).

At the end of all inside line, this is all but still its confirmed. We’ve seen previously these accessory manufacturer produced countless rumors before, and sometimes they’re right…but sometimes they’re totally wrong, or the origin never existed initially. We’ll know in time whose idea is right, when your guessing game concludes and Apple announces the bloody iPhone 5.