Beam Toothbrush is Bluetooth-connected device who helps you brush better. In the maintenance of good oral hygiene, we just need a reliable assistant – a toothbrush.

It was from her largely depends on how carefully and thoroughly will be brushing your teeth.

Beam Toothbrush Connected to iPhone and Android
In this widely used mobile device to iOS and Android has led to the emergence of the electronic version of the accessory that allows you to monitor the mode of its operation and transmit the data collected on the iPhone or “Google Phone” via Bluetooth.

The first version of this product under the name Beam Brush goes on sale in March for $ 49. The device collects data on how long the owner uses it as a special sensor makes clear that all this time the user actually cleans your teeth.

Beam Toothbrush Connected to iPhone and Android

With the help of wireless Bluetooth interface device connected to the communicator and the application for iOS or Android has a built-in timer, which ensures that the procedure laid lasted 2 minutes.

The developer said that the Beam Brush it stops and is now preparing to release a new, more intelligent version. A toothbrush will learn to monitor which areas have been cleaned, and what should be given more attention.

In the future, the software will include a system of rewards that will encourage children to treat personal hygiene more closely. The collected statistics will be useful not only for the owner of the brush but also for his personal dentist.