We all know that Apple unveiled the iOS 6 during the WWDC 2012 held two weeks ago, and though it will be made public this fall, the developers were given access to the first beta release, by the company, which showed them how the proper firmware will look like.

download ios 6 beta 2

Now, the fruit company has released the second beta version and it fixes some minor bugs and brings some enhancements.

However, from what I can tell, the latest firmware from the Cupertino Company doesn’t seem mind-blowing! When the iOS 5 was released, it was clear that it was a major update to the previous iOS versions. You could clearly see the differences between the iOS 5, and the iOS 4. It also corrected a lot of issues present in the later firmware and gave the users something new and efficient. The Notification Center took care of the providing notifications with a proper structure and the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users got a way of communicating without any charge through iMessages.

Download iOS 6 Firmware

If we look at what we know about the latest firmware from the company, everything kind of feels disappointing. The Apple Maps app does look interesting, and the 3D feature and turn-by-turn navigation brings something new to the table. However, other than a few other iOS 6 features, most of which you can download onto your jailbroken iOS 5 devices, the latest offering from the fruit company doesn’t look like something special.

iOS 6 Beta 2 — Software Update Animation

On the other hand, what does seem exciting is the Windows Phone 8, which has been announced by Microsoft, and many people fear that Apple is unable to make any worthwhile progress when it comes to the firmware. The Windows Phone 8 is said to feature Live Metro tiles and vastly contrasting interfaces and these look more interesting than a new firmware that looks like an updated version of the iOS 5.

Having said that, there’s still time when the final version is released and who know, the fruit company might just have a trick up their sleeves?

Download iOS 6 Beta 2 Build 10A5338d

If you are a developer and are using the beta version, you can download the second beta via OTA update by going to ‘Settings’, ‘General’ and then ‘Software Update’. iOS 6 Beta 2 also available for Download at the iOS Dev Center and in our Download Section.

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