There are many discussions about the design of circulating Nano-SIM cards, but there are now live photos of prototypes of SIM-cards of new generation proposed by Apple, Nokia and RIM.

Nano-Sim Prototype from Apple

Currently, the most common formats are the mini-SIM (25 to 15 mm) and micro-SIM (15 to 12 mm).

Apple offers a “SIM cards” size of 12.3 by 8.8 mm. Visual contact on the map are the same as in the SIM-cards of previous generations. At the same time on the idea of ​​development, nano-SIM can be used via an adapter to the communicators with the micro-SIM and mini-SIM.

It is noted that the project is similar to the prototype of the Apple SIM-card of the new model, which is demonstrated by the Giesecke & Devrient. The same company in 1991 developed the first standard SIM-cards.
Nano-Sim Prototype from Apple Dimensions

Nano-Sim Card Dimensions

Nokia is going to release “nano-sim” 10 x 8 mm, while Research in Motion – size 11 x 9 mm. In contrast to the proposed Apple, these cards can not be placed in the old versions of mobile phones. But they are special notches, through which they will be held in the slot. It does not require the use of traditional paper tray.

Which of the projects selected as the standard, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute will decide at a meeting in March. Lawyers for the iPhone and iPad manufacturer sent a letter to ETSI with a promise to open a third party all associated with the new SIM-card patent, if the project will be selected by Apple. Instead, the corporation requires the same from other patent holders.

Nano-Sim Prototype nokia rim

Nano-Sim card Prototype Dimensions (Nokia vs RIM)

Note that before Nokia made ​​a sharp criticism of the Apple project. Company representatives noted that the “apple” card drawer is required. If you insert a card into the slot for a micro-SIM, it may get stuck, say the Finns.

What do you think ? Nano-SIM technology be vital in order to make the new iPhone models – slimmer?