These days many iPhone users prefer ring cases over traditional ones. The main reason for that is the ring case offers better grip to hold the device. Former users also claim that the ring cases make the hands-free experience better. Above all, the ring cases are stylish and they don’t compromise the protection of your new (very expensive) phone.

ring holder cases for iphone 8 plus

Best iPhone 8 Plus Ring Holder Cases

If you are also looking for a ring case, then your search ends here. Here is a list of some of the top-selling ring holder cases for your iPhone 8. They come in various designs, features, and colors – so you can easily pick one that suits your phone and personality.

1. SUPVIN – Fashion Ring Holder Case for iPhone 8 Plus

SUPVIN has a glowing profile and provides full protection to your iPhone. The hard plastic and soft TPU bumper keeps your device protected from bumps at all times while the fortified corners and raised edge shields enhances the defense. The ring can easily be rotate to 360 degrees which allows you to view from multiple angles.

ring case for iphone 8 plus

Price: $8.99. Available in rose gold and silver color variant.

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2. LONTECT – Protective Case with Ring Grip Holder for iPhone 8 Plus

LONTECT comes with a transparent design allowing your phone to glow with all its strength. The soft TPU material provides the phone with complete protection while the smooth-textured surface fits perfectly in your palm. Equipped with non-slip rubber grip, the LONTECT ring case is also oil, grease, and abrasion resistant.

ring holder case for 8 plus

Price: $7.99. Available in black and rose gold color options.

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3. ICONFLANG – Bumper Protective Case with Ring Holder

The ring case is synonym with the word “Stylish”. It’s comfortable, trendy, and made from durable materials to protect your purchase from scratches and smudges. It features metal patch on the back that allows it to work as a magnetic car mount holder.

finger ring holder for iphone 8 plus

Price: $9.99. Available in six different colors.

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4. HUMIXX – 2 in 1 Protective Case with Ring Holder for 8 Plus

The lightweight HUMIXX sports an ultra-sleek design that compliments your iPhone perfectly. The ring is sturdy, allowing you to hold your phone with one hand and capture selfies with the others. The ring also takes up the role of a stand so you can conveniently watch movies.

finger ring holder case for iphone

Price: $5.99. Available in three color options.

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5. ESR – 360 Degree Rotating Ring Holder and Protective Case

ESR comes with an interesting pattern on the back while the ring is also adjusted perfectly so you can easily hold your device without fearing a slip. Hard PC and TPU fusion are used in the making of the ring case while the air cushioned corners add an extra protection to your device.

iphone ring holder case

Price: $12.99. Available in four color options.

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6. WXY – Silicone Case with Ring Holder for iPhone 8 Plus

WXY sports an ultra-clear design allowing your phablet to shine-through. The soft TPU material offers better grip while also claiming to be scratch resistant. The magnets on the back can also be used with a magnetic car mount.

iphone 8 plus finger holder case

Price: $10.99. Available in five color options.

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7. Vanki – Ring Holder and Protective Case for iPhone 7/8 Plus

The slim case is made of high-quality PC while the soft-textured surface offers great grip. The ring matches the design of the case and also transforms your iPhone into a fabulous media center. The Apple logo cutout further enhances the look.

best ring holder 8 plus

Price: $9.99. Available in six colors – black, gold, navy, rose gold, red, and silver.

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8. Akna – Flexible Silicon Case with Ring Holder for iPhone 8 Plus

The marble textured Akna is created from soft silicone material and features a matte finish. The case is sturdy – very sturdy and has the capability to withstand drops up to 9 feet. The interior is also covered with fabric to protect your mobile from scratches. Above all, the ring can easily be adjusted for optimal viewing angle.

iphone case with ring holder

Price: $10.99. Available in 11 colors including black, blue, and grey.

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9. JETech – Anti-Scratch Clear Case with Finger Ring Holder

JETech ring holder case is elegant and provides the strength in form of PC and TPU material to protect your device from shocks, bumps, and scratches. The built-in kickstand is perfectly adjusted so you can conveniently watch media as well.

iphone 8 plus ring case

Price: $9.99. Available in two colors – Black and HD clear.

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10. YORFORMALS – Full-body Protective Case with Ring Holder

The ultra-slim design of YORFORMALS is a perfect match for you iPhone. The beautiful ring, the Apple logo cutout, and the buttons – all enhances the ring cases splendor. Besides the design, the YORFORMALS ensures that your new phone stays protected at all times.

ring holder for iphone 8 plus

Price: $12.99. Available in six colors.

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Which one would you pick?

These were just some of the hot-favorite ring cases of this season. Select the one you like and pair it with your phone. And don’t forget to let us know which one you choose and why?