Today modern apps have changed our practical way, and we can also see the vital role of tax apps in our tax calculation and tax filing processes. Nowadays you can do your tax calculation and all other related calculations using an app in less time. There is no need to use the old time to consume traditional ways. If you want to learn which are the best tax apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, continue reading this post.

best tax apps for iphone

6 Best Tax Apps for iOS and Android Devices

There are various benefits of using tax apps, and one of the most significant advantages is that there is no possibility of any error or mishandling with your tax records. On the other hand, there are many miscalculations when you use older ways to calculate your tax and related discounts if any. So, you must take the advantages of tax apps in 2018, and we are here to help you in this regard. In below, you can read complete details about such different apps and can choose the best app for you.

1. TaxCaster – Tax Calculator App

As indicated by name Tax Calculator is a right app when you want to calculate different facts about your Tax. You can use this calculator to know the refund of your any annual duration. Additionally, you can predict and calculate the tax ratio and exact calculations depending on the changing in tax rules and your income.

tax calculator app for iphone

TaxCaster also offers you a navigation drawer which is used to switch to many other Turbo apps easily and quickly according to your needs. This app is also used to adjust your paycheck withholding’s which helps you to plan astutely to pay less tax.

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2. H&R Block Tax Prep and File

H&R Block is a free tax app which lets you create all details of your tax and its filings. You can easily get started by signing up on this app and you need to input your 2017 return. Don’t worry, you will get bits of advice about your tax returns methods and other processes for the tax calculations. You can use different docs and PDF files which are available in this app to have a clear idea of the working of this app and making the exact and precise results possible.

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This is a secure app which lets you solve all issues related to your tax preparation using its internal functionalities. You can use for fastest and completely secure payments when you have everything about your tax files.

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3. TaxAct Express

You can consider this TaxAct Express app as a complete guide for your tax affairs. You can use this app specifically according to your current changing needs. This app will allow you to personalize its settings and it will provide the best results and recommendations as per your particular situation.

best free tax app

You will find step by step complete guides about the tax processes, tax returns, tax files and other tax matters. You can upload photos from your phone securely using two method authentications to save your data from illegal access. All you need is to download and install this app on your iPhone and iPad, and you can use all features of this fabulous app.

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4. TurboTax Tax Return App – Max Refund Guaranteed

If you are looking for a great tax app which you can use to calculate your tax, TurboTax Tax Return is for you. You need to fill your tax form and you can easily and correctly do this by following the guides of this app. There is another feature in this app which allows you to contact a tax specialist to solve your all queries about the tax payments and tax returns.

best tax apps for ipad

There are various security checks in this app which provides you with a safe and secure working way. You can set your Face ID, Touch ID, and PIN to increase your security and confirm your privacy. You can quickly search and know about more than 350 tax deductions to understand different important points about the tax refund.

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5. TaxDay – Perfect for People with Multi-State Residency

TaxDay is a unique app which is used to monitor the travel with GPS against US state residency tax code in a precise way. It will help you when you are multi-state resident and want to know everything about the taxes on your income. This app will provide you complete records of your taxes and you can easily manage all records to handle all situations.

best tax apps for android

This TaxDay app helps you to calculate and know about the taxable days which is necessary for everyone. You can track your travel area tax rules by using a fantastic database of state-by-state tax rules provided by this app. You can also generate audits by using its trusted reporting interface. You will receive custom notifications about the important tasks to make necessary arrangements about your tax payments on time.

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6. 1tap Tax – Self Assessment Help

If you are looking for a right app to make secure records of your profits and taxes, you can give a try to 1tap Tax app. You can quickly and continuously estimate your tax payments and can manage them by controlling your expenditures and incomes. You can also use its tax calculator for calculating tax liability. It will be a great app to inform you about your taxes depending on your incomes.

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This free app offers 60 auto scans per year to provide your latest statistics about your tax data. There is always an option to get the premium account of this app. In short, this is a right app which helps you to have a proper check on your tax payments, tax liability and expenses in an easy way.

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If you still use the traditional methods to track your payments and calculate taxes, it is time to get rid of those processes and start using one of the best tax apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.