iPhone 5 Chip started in production

The famous company Texas Instruments (TI) has launched the production of components for the next iPhone generation.

The company is engaged in Apple servicing technology in United States, a local manufacturer of semiconductor elements started to produce the power management chip for new iPhone model.

Apple has traditionally used chips from Texas Instruments in their iOS devices. RepairLabs represent a the novelty as the iPhone 5, although the media talk about such titles as The New iPhone, iPhone HD and a few others. The release date of the device is called in September 2012.

iPhone 5 Chip production started
iPhone 5 Components Proproduction Started

According to the latest rumors, the new iOS device with 3.5-inch Display and LTE Module, identical to previous iPhone models. It is assumed that a standard 30-pin connector for connecting to a computer may be reduced in size because it will free up space inside the smartphone for other components.

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