October 30th – Tuesday – was the day when Apple introduced an aggressive update for its latest MacBook Air and a redesign of its tablet iPad Pro. A lot of people were excited for them, and decided to order and try them out for themselves.

ipad pro 2018 walpapers

As all with new releases, the company also releases incredible looking wallpapers. Unfortunately, many of them don’t land on iOS devices. Consequently, people then have to rely on third-party wallpaper downloads to find them.

This post contains a range of new MacBook Air and iPad Pro wallpapers that you can download and use for iPhone and iPad.

2018 MacBook Air and iPad Pro Wallpapers

We’ve sourced this collection from varying sources. Each of the wallpapers are big enough for your other iOS devices. The credit for many of the beautiful ones goes to @AR2014 who has an exclusive gallery over at iDB. Those who are looking for MacBook Air and iPad Pro wallpapers of a certain size can also follow his tweets for additional details.

The new iPad Pro wallpapers that come in iPad size are sourced from the folks posting at 9to5Mac. They’ve done a great job of compiling high quality, big sized pictures. Check them out and do let us know your thoughts on them in the comments section below.

Download iPad Pro & MacBook Air Wallpapers for iPhone

Download iPad Pro & MacBook Air Wallpapers for iPad

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