Did you know that GSX Database of Apple contains all the details needed to find if an iPhone is locked and its status on the whole? It’s used by official IMEI Check Service & iPhone Unlock Providers. In this post, we discuss about it in more detail and also explain how its related to Official IMEI Unlock and iPhone IMEI Check Service.

apple gsx database

Apple Global Service Exchange (GSX)

GSX or Apple Global Service Exchange is a tool consisting of the following abilities: repair, order management and single service. Apple partners with it to keep together several service businesses globally.

Onside: helps with instant access of Apple GSX database for service parts lookup and warranty. You enter the IMEI number and OnSIte is then able to access the Apple GSX database for the pats to be ordered for repairs and the status of warranty.

GSX Web Services: data exchange that Apple partner’s with to integrate apps with GSX.

There’s Can Access Web Services and LiteSpeed Onsite – stuff for firms that want to work with Apple. However, we’re more interested in talking about the IMEI Check Service going through Apple database. Let’s look at that.

iPhone IMEI Check Service and Apple GSX Database info

The very crucial part of iPhone purchase and iPhone unlocking pertains to the iPhone IMEI Check Service, which leverages the IMEI number of the device to find out the following

  • Hidden status
  • SIM Lock Status
  • Blacklist Status
  • True specs (serial number, color, etc.)
  • iCloud Lock Status
  • Mobile Network blacklisted or locked
  • Insurance Claims
  • Warranty Status

This info comes from Carriers’ Servers and the Apple GSX Database.

Apple GSX Database – Example Info

IMEI Check Report will include crucial detail about iPhone, extracted from Mobile Networks’ Servers and GSX Database. It will appear like this:

IMEI: The IMEI Number of your Device
Serial: 12-digit SN Number
MAC: 12-digit MAC Address
ICCID: Known as UDID number
Table Model: iPhone model, storage, color and carrier
iOS Version: The current iOS version installed on the device
Unlocked: True or False
Unbricked: True or False
Activation Status: Yes or No
Purchase Country:  The device purchase country
First Unbricked Date: The first time a SIM card was inserted in the device
Last Unbricked Date: The last time a SIM card was inserted in the device
Warranty Status: AppleCare+, Apple Limited Warranty or none
Warranty Status Days Remaining: The remaining warranty in days
Sold To: Sold to Carrier/Network
Initial Activation Policy: Original Carrier & country
Applied Activation Policy: Original Carrier & country
Next Tether Policy (Carrier):
Sim Lock: Unlocked Sim Locked or Unlocked
Find My iPhone: iCloud Activation ON or OFF

Apart from that, other info like replaced IMEI and blacklist status will be obtained from Carriers’ servers.

Apple GSX Database and iPhone Unlock

Two methods exist to SIM Unlock a device.

The first one requires getting in touch with the Carrier that locked iPhone but it needs paperwork, and if the iPhone purchased is refurbished, it may not be possible to get previous info, and you may also need social security number of the previous owner.

The alternative and better method is Official IMEI Unlock.

The service is enabled by Apple and all Carriers and it access the GSX Database in order to change the SIM lock to unlock on iPhone. So, Apple GSX Database plays a crucial role in iPhone Unlocking and iPhone Checking.

That’s all. If you have any questions about Apple GSX Database, ask us in comments.

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