Did you try restoring or updating your iPhone and got a iTunes error -1 message? Doing a full restore is not easy or fun because of these issues, which is why you need a solution. Read on to learn now to fix iTunes error -1 easily and recover your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

fix itunes error -1

Several users perform a full iTunes restore to get rid of software related issues or before selling their iPhone. However, full restore is unpredictable and can sometimes lead to issues that are a menace to fix. The iTunes error -1 is very similar with the iTunes error 50. Several error messages can appear on iTunes, and an average user needs plenty of time to figure them out.

How to Fix iTunes Error -1 when Restoring or Updating your iPhone

One of the toughest to fix is the This iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (-1) issue. This is a hardware related issue, and is relate to the corruption of baseband chip. However, before trying to take your iPhone to the nearest repair center, you should give a try to the solutions outlined in this article. Please note that the error appears at the end of the restore process, a period when iTunes is writing or updating your baseband.

iTunes Error -1 fix

Note: Before getting started, you can check if hardware caused the problem. For iPhone 4 and 3G users, restoration can be done via custom firmware build using redsn0w or sn0wbreeze. The restore will happen without problems. After you access the homescreen, go to Settings -> General -> About and see IMEI. iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S, 6+, 6S+ and 4s users can’t apply the same process. But if you do manage to restore, tap on (i) in the Activation screen, or on information, to find the IMEI number.

If the IMEI shows there is no hardware or baseband issue. The solutions will not work if there is the hardware issue and the IMEI is showing blank.

9 Tested Solutions to Fix iTunes Error -1

  1. Update-to-date and patched OS – Open Microsoft Windows Update Page on Windows and click Software Update and install all updates from the Software Update menu in Mac.
  2. Latest iTunes – Launch iTunes and see for updates. Download and install all updates and ensure you’ve an active connection when you’re doing this.
  3. Uninstall / deactivate antivirus and firewall – Third party security software often block data that can damage the computer. Any anti-virus program or software, as a result, most be properly configure and updated to allow for iTunes restoration. If there’s a router on the local network, additional security policies may block the data needed to restore the iPhone.
  4. Disconnect other USB devices connected to the PC – These devices can mess the communication between iPhone and iTunes. Here’s what to do:
    • Disconnect any card readers, printers, scanners, cameras, etc.
    • Connect the iPhone and its cable, keyboard and mouse.
    • Restart the PC and try again.
    • Open iTunes again and perform a restore. IF there is virtualization software present, it can also cause USB port issues.
  5. Restart the PC & try again – This can also work in some cases.
  6. DFU Restore – Put your iPhone in DFU Mode and restore it via iTunes. Here are the steps to do a DFU restore:
    • Connect your iPhone to the Computer and start iTunes.
    • Turn off your iPhone completely.
    • Hold Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds.
    • Release the Power button and continue holding Home until iTunes recognize it.
    • Click Update or Restore to start the process.
  7. Restore Without Sim Card – Try to restore your iPhone without sim card inserted. The sim card can block the baseband chip and can’t complete the restore process. If still getting a error -1 then try to restore without sim & DFU mode (method 6).
  8. Select IPSW to Restore – Download the newest official iOS firmware for your device from our downloads page and try to restore your iPhone by holding Shift (for Windows) or alt (for Mac) and click Restore. Then select the downloaded official firmware and wait for iTunes to complete the process.
  9. Hardware fixes – Heat up the baseband CPU chip or replace the dock connector (this step is for those who know about iPhone hardware already). If this method do not fix iTunes error -1, then contact Apple Support.

If none of these steps work, you can get the device replaced if it’s still under warranty.

  • talha adil

    Hi, i have iphone 4s before restore it was working fine…but now at the end of the restore process…iTunes giving me error -1..and phone is just showing iTunes with Cable sign…after that i have tryed different tricks that i have got from the forum…but i am not able to get rid of the iTunes error -1….if any body have any other solution regarding this issue kindly share here..thanks and my phone showing this serial number DNQHGFCKDTD2,and please tell me if i repair so how much a cost? please tell me as soon as possible,because i am upset.

  • Bence Major

    i dont know if you still having the problem, but seems like we’re in the same trouble. my brother gave me his old 4s, and he tried to restore it and it didn’t went through. if you’ve fixed it, can you say me smth good advices? 😀

  • Chris Peat

    Ok, I have an iPhone 4 which I stupidly jailbroke a few years ago and have had no problems with for a long time, until I tried to clear it off for selling, “Reset All Settings” DUH !!! I have the blobs for 4.3.4, 4.3.5, 5.0.1, 5.1.1 and 6.1.3 NONE of which are any good since I updated the baseband using Sn0wbreeze or Redsn0w or something that I could unlock the carrier with using Cydia tweeks, since the reset I have been trying for days and nights watching iTunes do its best and every thing else I could find to update, restore, stitch blobs, use new IPSW downloads and NOTHING, I REPEAT “NOTHING” is working, error -1, error -9, error -3194, error -50 blah blah, tried new usb, tried three different computers (one which I remember did successfully restore the same phone a few years ago but it always had a “you need to restore the phone in iTunes, it cant make or receive calls” error), removed the sim, heated up the chip, restarted all systems, used Redsn0w, tried Tiny Umbrella “Fix Recovery” (which is no longer available on the 64 bit version and have basically exhausted all options and youtube videos with idiots and children etc etc etc etc etc etc, frustrated is not the word I would use !!!! So I finally I fixed the £30 phone with a HAMMER, don’t waste your time, the phone is no longer worth the hours and hours spent trying to repair it, if it fails on any of the errors I have mentioned dont buy it, dont even try, not once to help the person who it belongs to because they dont appreciate and wont pay you for the failed hours you spent TRYING !!!! Just save up a little extra cash (I know its hard) and buy a new one !!

  • M

    Well Said. You cannot repair it. Do not spend hours on it.

  • Jerson Lorico

    we have same problem,before i reset my iphone its work finely but after the reset its stock on apple logo and try to connect to itunes restore and update but itys error -1 i’ved 3x buut it’s all same. please any one can help for these problem?tyhank you.

  • blah

    I had this issue tonight. Itunes gave me the same error about 4 or 5 times. tried without the simcard and got error -1 once and then 3014 then it finally let me restore my iphone WITHOUT THE SIM.. idk if thats what did it but it something.

  • UnlockBoot

    1. Try the SHIFT + Restore option.
    2. Make sure your date & time are correct.
    3. Make sure your host file is not edited.
    4. Try to restore it on another computer.

  • Rodney

    You fixed my iPhone, great work!

  • kimo

    well it does make me wanna fix my iphone 5c error 1 sometimes error9134 because it did work for some other users but why not me ???

  • Patricksuarez

    Same Issue Here Can you fix my iphone 5 ? 🙁

  • koonlay

    Iphones are too problematic when it comes to upgrading it’s firmwares. You move from one error to another and in the end you don’t always succeed. After reading this thread (apart from numerous others that I have read), I have come to the conclusion that I can’t resolve the -1 error on my 4s. I have resolved to switch from iphone to Android devices. Honestly, they are much more reliable and stable. You don’t have to connect to any server to verify a software on Android devices. I think Apple iphones are loosing it. My further search ends here!

  • Paul

    Error -1 is hardware issue,baseband CPU.
    The only way to fix it is heating at 340-380 degrees but not always works,if not needs reballing it.If really damaged then must to be replace but at this point must to be replace the nand flash and from iphone 5 upwards baseband storage too because they are paired together,so don’t waste time trying to restore forever and never pay £30 on ebay thinking is just an error but the phone is working because is not working at all!

  • Lovestar Happyboy Alwesy

    i need help for error 1 for i phone 6

  • Stefano Marsella

    Dude you are using the iPhone 4s that is now 6 years old. What do you expect…… android phones are DEFINITELY not more stable and reliable than iPhones. I and no one I know has ever had an issue with upgrading iOS.

  • Kenneth Lau

    Thank you. Heat up with hairdryer, restored completed. No more stuck at 60%. Now screen show “Temperature too high, wait to cool down” 😀

  • Abdulla Schiyax

    hi…. my iphone 5 just went dead. when try to switch on it goes to boot loop of white apple logo, when connected to restore with itunes couldnt download firmware through itunes, tried like 6 times, everytime it downloads untill 900mb something and fails, so downloaded ios 10.3.3 which is what i need, put phone on DFU mode and tried to update and restore, gave me error 21 and again error 1 and again error21 tried so many times.. pls help

  • Roy Lewis

    Well, I had the error (-1) failure in my iPhone 5S and I had serious doubts that just heating up the phone would fix it. I had tried everything else with no luck, so I had nothing to lose but some time. I used a heating pad and let it get very warm. It worked! I was able to get the phone registered etc. Very amazed and happy.