Planning to sell your phone next month? Using a company-owned phone that you’d have to return to your employer when you resign? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s a must for you to erase your device. If you don’t, your personal images, emails, and other data can be accessed with a third-party software. Unless you want to leak personal information, it’s more than necessary to securely erase personal data.

imyfone umate pro

To prevent hackers from retrieving data from your device, you have to be in control. Fortunately, iMyfone Umate Pro allows you to do that.

What is iMyfone Umate Pro?

Smartphones track things, stores contacts, emails, and even health information, videos, chat conversations, and the likes. In short, they know more about their users than the users themselves. That’s why a PIN is absolutely necessary, it keeps your privacy behind closed doors.

But then there’s a problem when the device has to be sold. Disconnecting accounts and doing a factory restore isn’t going to help. If the adversary is determined to retrieve your private information to hold as ransom or sell in the underground market, nothing can stop them. With the right amount of patience and sophisticated software tools, they can do it. So factory restore doesn’t always work for erasing the phone completely.

Download iMyfone Umate Pro – The Ultimate iPhone Data Eraser

It’s a MacOS and Windows application that costs $29.95. It scans users’ devices and does what it needs to do to protect them. While several individuals will get a sticker shock, it isn’t smart to put a price tag on identity. I mean, imagine the amount you’d have to pay to retrieve your social security number from a criminal who steals it and runs away.

imyfone umate pro download

This article will share with you iMyfone Umate Pro’s full potential, which might convince you of the fact that it’s worth every penny. Apparently, the software says it can help you free up space on your device, which only increases its worth. That said, it is capable of doing a lot more.

Install the software and enter the activation code, then plug the iOS device into Mac or Windows PC with its charging cable. The device will be identified by iMyfone Umate software and display on the screen.

Erasing your iOS Device with iMyfone Ultimate Pro

If you want to sell the phone in the market, or if you’ve been using it for work, and it should be returned at a later date, it has to be erased. If it’s not, your photos, emails, and other personal details can be retrieved with sophisticated tools. Hence, safe erase of phone contents is an absolute must.

download imyfone umate pro

The process is easy with iMyfone Umate pro. Go to the tab that says “Erase All Data” on the left, and select Erase.” However, for the process to take place, the user should have the Find My iPhone feature deactivated.

This can be done by going to Settings – iCloud – Find My iPhone. From there, it can be toggled off. It should be noted that the erasing process takes a while, so go do something else after starting it because you won’t be able to use the phone as it happens.

Erasing Deleted Files (Permanent Removal)

Sometimes, erasing the device fully is considered as an overkill. Rather, after choosing to delete specific files, you might want to ensure they’re forever gone, and can’t ever be recovered. Incredibly, it can be done with iMyfone Umate Pro.

Head to “Erase Deleted Files” on the left and select “Scan” button that’s in green. It then analyzes the device to see what is eligible for erasing. It can take 30-60 minutes for the phone to be scanned, to be patient. Go enjoy a cup of coffee.

Private Data Removal

As mentioned at the start, the phone knows all things about its users, mostly because it is enabled too. This can be things like SMS history, call history, browser history, etc. If you want to hide these things from your partner or friends of employers, you have to ensure that it can’t be recovered by any software, even ones created by iMyfone.

imyfone umate pro for mac

The option of “Erase Private Data” will allow you to select which information you want to erase beyond the state of recovery. Then you can have a good night’s sleep knowing that your privacy is certain, and no one can retrieve your info.

Emptying Space

As visible from the screen, the software shows how much space is left on the device. If there’s less space, you can see if you can free up some. Press “Quick Scan” and let the software do its job.

imyfone umate pro for windows

Once the phone is scanned, it will display the elements that can be deleted to free up space.

erase iphone data before selling

Clicking “clean” when it’s the “temporary files” will take a few seconds for the software to remove them. However, “Apps,” “Large Files,” and “Junk Files” will display a preview to the user, so that one can see what’s going to be destroyed.

After easing the files, if you head back to the primary screen, it will show how much space was freed up. Don’t be surprised to find 1 to 2 GB worth of extra space when you visit the screen again.

Final Verdict

Erasing deleted files and private information is something users should be doing on a regular basis. If you use the iOS device a lot, it’s always going to be storing SMS data, photos, call history, videos, etc. This information shouldn’t be retrieved by an enemy or cyber criminals. We feel your privacy is critical and you have a responsibility to protect it to the best of your ability. Use iMyfone Umate Pro to zealously guard it.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of erasing your device, and how easy it is to do so, consider having iMyfone Umate Pro. UnlockBoot even has a special offer for its readers. Now you can get the software for just (insert price). So what are you waiting for? Take control over your privacy today!

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