The sixth-generation iPhone was unveiled by Apple a few days ago and it lived up to all the rumors. There would be many of you looking to buy an iPhone 5, and many of you want to buy iPhone 5 Screen protector to protect the device as well.

There are tons of cases out there, but we recommend you go for ZAGG invisibleSHIELD.

iPhone 5 Screen Protector

The company makes cases out of military grade material which protects the rotary blades on helicopters, in reality. This material is the best. Once it is on the iPhone, there hardly any noticeable effect of a screen protector on the screen.

For the iPhone 5, there are four choices of invisibleSHIELDs. The choices include EXTREME, Original, Hi-Definition and Smudge-Proof. The Original is normal, Smudge-Proof prevents fingerprints, EXTREME is very durable, while Hi-Definition has a very clear surface.

iPhone 5 Screen Protector
invisibleSHIELD for iPhone 5

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