VooMote Zapper turn iPhone / iPad into a TV remote control

VooMote Zapper TV remote control
Apple Store has a new accessory for TV sets.

VooMote Zapper - attachment for iPhone, iPod or iPad allows you to control HDTV or DVD, Blu-ray player, home theater system.

It does not require batteries and connects to the 30-pin connector.

In conjunction with the free iOS-application developer obtained a universal remote control.

Below are the distinctive features  VooMote Zapper :

  • The Setup Wizard allows you to configure the remote for your device in minutes.
  • One Touch-run macro command sequence by pressing a single button.
  • You can customize VooMote Zapper for every taste.
  • Managing multiple devices in different rooms (Control Room).
  • To switch channels, you can use simple gestures, such as svayp finger across the screen.
  • Settings can be transferred through the iCloud other iOS-devices.
It seems that even Apple accessory impressed the team Zero1.tv, as has recently added it to the Apple Store. VooMote Zapper is available in white and black, and the manufacturer's site (in different colors).
ZooMote Zapper costs $69.99 with a free app available in the App Store.
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