Speed up ios 7 iPhone

We know that iOS 7 can be slow at times, so here’s a post that shows tips on how to speed up the latest operating system from Apple on older iPhones.

If you think like iOS 7 makes your device slower than it had been before the IOS 7 update, there are several tips to speed up iOS 7. Follow these useful tips to optimize your iOS 7 Device.

Tip 1: Disable Automatic App Updates

You can first of all turn off Automatic app updates by going to:

  1. Tap Settings and go to “iTunes and App Store
  2. Select “Automatic Downloads” and turn all Updates Off.

Disable Auto App updates

Switch off Automatic App Updates in iOS 7

Tip 2: Eliminate Background App Refresh

You can switch off the automatic background refreshes by going to:

  1. Settings –> General –> “Background App Refresh“.
  2. Then switch off Background app refresh option.

Disable background app refresh

Switch off Background App Refresh in iOS 7

These two actions will significantly improve your battery life.

Tip 3: Remove Unused Apps

Why do you even want to keep old apps installed, when they do nothing but slow down your device? Remove them, and also keep at least 1 to 1.5 GB free space. Check the space by going to:

  • Settings –> General –> Usage.

iPhone low storage space fix

Uninstall unused apps in iOS 7 to free up more space

This action will speed up your device, and you’ll literally feel the difference.

Tip 4: Stop iTunes from Crashing

There are times when the iTunes store lags, but this can be fixed by:

  1. Going to Settings –> iTunes and App Store and tapping the Apple ID.
  2. Next, press Sign Out and select Apple ID, enter credentials and sign in again.

fix iTunes crashing iOS 7

iTunes Crashing fix for iOS 7 by resync your Apple ID

This will sign you in again, but the iTunes store will work smoothly than before.

Tip 5: Spruce up the Keyboard

Like the previous problem, your keyboard might also be facing a lag in speed. You can however, quick it up by restarting the data, but this might eliminate keyboard shortcuts so be careful.

Step 1: Head over to Settings –> iCloud –> Documents and Data and switch it off.

Step 2: Now turn it them on.

Fix IOS 7 Keyboard Lag

Fix iOS 7 Keyboard problems

This might solve the keyboard issues on your device.

Tip 6: Switch off Reduce Motion

Visual effects take a lot of processing and slow down the device, so turn off some of the studs.

  1. Go to Settings –> General –> Accessibility and turn on Reduce Motion. This will switch off the parallax effect.
  2. Go to Settings –> General –> Accessibility and turn on Contrast. This will switch off background effects.

Disable Reduce Motion

Disable Reduce Motion in iOS 7

Extra Tip: Update to iOS 7.1

Earlier this week Apple releases the iOS 7.1 Beta 1 firmware with some bug fixes, news & improvements. Go here to read more or Download iOS 7.1 Beta 1 firmware update.

Alternative Solution – Downgrade to iOS 6.1.2

If you are using an older device with a A4 chip like a iPhone 4 you can follow our dedicated guide to downgrade iOS 7 to IOS 6.1.2 or IOS 6.1.3 firmware. After you downgrade the device, you can jailbreak it using Evasi0n and enjoy the jailbreak features on your freshly installed iOS 6 firmware

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This will speed up the device and save battery life on the newest iOS 7 firmware.