We know that iOS 7.1.2 can be slow at times, so here’s a post that shows tips on how to speed up the latest operating system from Apple on older iPhones.

Speed up ios 7.1.2 iPhone

If you think like iOS 7 makes your device slower than it had been before the IOS 7 update, there are several tips to speed up iOS 7.1.2. Follow these useful tips to optimize your iOS 7 Device.

Tip 1: Disable Automatic App Updates

You can first of all turn off Automatic app updates by going to:

  1. Tap Settings and go to “iTunes and App Store
  2. Select “Automatic Downloads” and turn all Updates Off.

Disable Auto App updates

Switch off Automatic App Updates in iOS 7

Tip 2: Eliminate Background App Refresh

You can switch off the automatic background refreshes by going to:

  1. Settings –> General –> “Background App Refresh“.
  2. Then switch off Background app refresh option.

Disable background app refresh

Switch off Background App Refresh in iOS 7

These two actions will significantly improve your battery life.

Tip 3: Remove Unused Apps

Why do you even want to keep old apps installed, when they do nothing but slow down your device? Remove them, and also keep at least 1 to 1.5 GB free space. Check the space by going to:

  • Settings –> General –> Usage.

iPhone low storage space fix

Uninstall unused apps in iOS 7 to free up more space

This action will speed up your device, and you’ll literally feel the difference.

Tip 4: Stop iTunes from Crashing

There are times when the iTunes store lags, but this can be fixed by:

  1. Going to Settings –> iTunes and App Store and tapping the Apple ID.
  2. Next, press Sign Out and select Apple ID, enter credentials and sign in again.
iTunes crashing iOS 7.1.2
iTunes Crashing fix for iOS 7.1.2 by resync your Apple ID

This will sign you in again, but the iTunes store will work smoothly than before.

Tip 5: Spruce up the Keyboard

Like the previous problem, your keyboard might also be facing a lag in speed. You can however, quick it up by restarting the data, but this might eliminate keyboard shortcuts so be careful.

Step 1: Head over to Settings –> iCloud –> Documents and Data and switch it off.

Step 2: Now turn it them on.

Fix IOS 7 Keyboard Lag
Fix iOS 7 Keyboard problems

This might solve the keyboard issues on your device.

Tip 6: Switch off Reduce Motion

Visual effects take a lot of processing and slow down the device, so turn off some of the studs.

  1. Go to Settings –> General –> Accessibility and turn on Reduce Motion. This will switch off the parallax effect.
  2. Go to Settings –> General –> Accessibility and turn on Contrast. This will switch off background effects.
Disable Reduce Motion
Disable Reduce Motion in iOS 7.1.2

Extra Tip: Update to iOS 7.1.2

Earlier this week Apple releases the iOS 7.1 Beta 1 firmware with some bug fixes, news & improvements. Go here to read more or Download iOS 7.1 Beta 1 firmware update.

Alternative Solution – Downgrade to iOS 6.1.2

If you are using an older device with a A4 chip like a iPhone 4 you can follow our dedicated guide to downgrade iOS 7 to IOS 6.1.2 or IOS 6.1.3 firmware. After you downgrade the device, you can jailbreak it using Evasi0n and enjoy the jailbreak features on your freshly installed iOS 6 firmware

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This will speed up the device and save battery life on the newest iOS 7 firmware.