Comic world is a fantasy place which is loved by millions of people around the world. Amazing stories, breathtaking actions and a list of fictional characters that will make you fall in love with this world. Today, millions of people watch comic related movies, TV shows and read comic books for entertainment purposes. A short time ago, these books were only available in hard form. You could buy it from a bookstore or somewhere like that. However, now you can get comic books on your mobile phone. It means you can read your favorite comic books whenever you want and wherever you want. So, if you are a comic book reader then you should consider using some of the best comic book apps for iPhone and Android phones.

best comic book apps

10 Best Comic Book Apps for iOS and Android

There are plenty of comic book readers available for mobile phones. If you are looking for the best comic book apps for your smartphone, have a look at the list below.

1. Comics Plus

Comics Plus is a comic platform where you can get a comic from a large number of digital comics. This app is fantastic as it provides thousands of comic books as well as some other features. You can find and buy a comic book from this platform, and that book will be yours to keep.

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You can also take books on rent for a specified period. Comics Plus also provides parental control in the app which means you and your children can efficiently use this app without any problems.

You can Download Comics Plus for iOS from App Store.

2. Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics is a comic book marketplace where you can get your favorite comic book in seconds. This is a free app which provides different services like comic book marketplace and comic book reader. You can not only get different comic books from the marketplace, you can also import your digital comics in this app for reading purposes.

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This app also provides some extra features like zoom reading which is beneficial for you. You can get almost every type of comic book on Dark Horse Comics marketplace. Some of the comic books are provided even for free on this app.

Get Dark Horse for iOS Get Dark Horse for Android

3. Marvel Unlimited – Never Stop Reading Comics

Marvel Unlimited app allows you to get access to endless comic series from your phone. Buying each new comic book at its release is not a good option every time as you have to spend a lot of money on these books. However, what if you get access to all books and comics by simply getting a subscription. Surely, it would be a better option.

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Marvel Unlimited provides you the opportunity to read any of the Marvel’s comic from this app. You can buy monthly or yearly subscription which is only a few dollars. It means you can now enjoy unlimited books by just getting a subscription.

Get Marvel for iOS Get Marvel for Android

4. comiXology – Comics & Manga

Comics by Comixology is one of the most popular comic books online platform providing millions of digital comic books. The official website of Comixology offers every comic book right after its release. The same features are also provided on its app named Comics by Comixology. You can get comic books from some large names like Marvel and DC.

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The working of this app is very simple. All you need is exploring and finding your favorite comic book. After that, you need to purchase it, and it will be available for you to read. However, you cannot import already bought or downloaded the comic book in this app.

 Get Comixology for iOS Get Comixology for Android

5. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga is an online streaming app which allows you to stream comic series on your mobile phone. This app requires an active subscription to stream all comic series. The best thing about this app is you can get all latest series on your mobile phone.

comic book reader app

Also, you needn’t buy every new comic series on your device. You can get access to all series by only getting a subscription. So if you are a regular streamer, you can get this app. You can install this app on your phone with an active Crunchyroll Manga subscription.

 Get Crunchyroll Manga for iOS Get Crunchyroll Manga for Android

6. Chunky Comic Reader

Chunky is a comic book reader app which is available for free on iPad. You can get this app to read your comic books on your iPad. The best thing about this app is it provides plenty of cool features. You can get multiple view reading in this app which is very useful. You can also download the comic books and novels from online sources like Dropbox and Google Drive.

best comic reader android

This app will give you the best possible view of your comic books on your iPad. It doesn’t matter whether you are reading a high-resolution comic book or you want to read a small low-resolution file, it will always give you the best possible results. You can also protect your records and comic books with a password.

Get Chunky Comic Reader for iPad

7. Comic Zeal – Comic Book Reader

Comic Zeal is a comic book reader app which will provide you the easy reading of comic from your mobile phone. It is a paid app, and you can get it on your iOS device for $4.99. It is a very useful app as it provides some amazing features like auto organizing of novels and comic books.

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If you have a vast collection of different comics, you can upload them all to this device, and it will automatically arrange and organize them. After that, you could read any comic easily. You can also enjoy some other features like auto brightness and zoom.

Get Comic Zeal for iOS from App Store

8. iComix

iComix another comic book reader app which will give you the option of organizing your books on your phone. If you have plenty of different comic books in your storage, you can upload them to this app. iComix app can get access to your local phone storage as well as to the online sources like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Now you can stop worrying about your comic collections as this app will organize them itself.

best comic reader iphone

Not only this, you can hold and customize pages and backgrounds of your comic books. You can change background colors, you can change page size, and you can view comic in different views like landscape and double-sided. So iComix app is amazing when it comes to reading comic books.

Get iComix for iOS

9. Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader app has an elegant and simple interface and it is full of stunning features. With this app, you can browse and read all your favorite comics on your Android device.

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Now you can combine all your comics in customizable collections, and when you are finished with reading you can quickly go to the next comic. This app is free to download, easy to use and it is ad-free. So what more can you wish?

Get Astonishing Comic Reader for Android

10. Tapas – Comics & Stories

This app allows you to read more than thousands of comics and web novels. If you are a comic book reader and have free time then this app is the right for you.

free comic book app for ios
This app is free to download and if you earn free coins you can unlock new episodes. This app offers something for everyone. From comedies to romances this app is perfect for kids and older comic book lovers.

Get Tapas for iOS Get Tapas for Android

We hope that you liked our list of the best comic book apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. So, which app did you liked the most? Feel free to write your opinion in the comment section below.