At the same time with the iOS 5.1 release, iTunes was updated to version 10.6 for Windows and Mac OS X.

iTunes 10.6 for Windows and Mac OS X

The update aims to support the functions of video playback from the built-store format 1080p, as well as improved compatibility with new software firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iTunes 10.6 Features

One of the major innovations in iOS 5.1 is support for voice commands, Japanese support for Siri, as well as the correction of errors associated with to save battery life iPhone 4S. In addition to the new operating system became possible to remove photos from the photostream, and other improvements.

iTunes 10.6 for Windows and Mac OS X

A full list of iTunes 10.6 changes:

  • Added the ability to play movies and TV shows from the iTunes in the  1080p HD format.
  • Improved selection of matching songs
  • Improved handling of album art, download them and display
  • Fixed error that resulted in the song could be overlooked when playing from iCloud.

Download iTunes 10.6 for Windows and Mac OS.