A few days ago we’ve informed you that pod2g made a significant step in jailbreaking iPhone 4S and iPad 2 untethered running iOS 5.0.1. He said that he might release the jailbreak the following week. However, the jailbreak hasn’t been released yet. Pod2g instead formed a jailbreaking “Dream Team” with MuscleNerd, Planetbeing and p0sixninja to escape from the sandbox.

iPhone 4S & iPad 2 Jailbreak Progress

MuscleNerd tweeted that the father of Cydia, Jay Freeman, better known as “Saurik” in the jailbreak community, joined the team. He contributed in preparing the public A5 jailbreak version.

iPhone 4S & iPad 2 Jailbreak Progress

By joining Saurik in the game, it will be a great success to release the untethered jailbreak as soon as possible. Although almost all legendary hackers in the jailbreak community are now working together on the A5 jailbreak public version, MuscleNerd said that there’s still no ETA for the release of the jailbreak, but moving forward.

Pod2g made an answer on MuscleNerd’s tweet thanking iPhone hacker Planetbeing for his coding and research. He says that all these stuff will help to escape from the sandbox.

iPhone 4S & iPad 2 Jailbreak Progress
While I’m writing now, I just thought; where’s the most legendary hacker, George Hotz, known as Geohot. Thinking where’s Geohot’s jailbreak he’s saving and where’s his awesome work, we hope that soon will be uploaded a tutorial about A5 jailbreak.

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